Sterling Silver Rosebud Prayer Rosary

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Sterling Silver Rosebud Prayer Rosary

Sterling Silver Rosebud Prayer Rosary

Product Price: $250.00

  • Crafted from .925 sterling silver.
  • Rosary weighs about 56.7 grams.
  • Approximately 19" in length.
  • Features a sterling silver crucifix, about 2" in length.
  • Has 5 decades constructed of ten small rosebud beads, each 0.25" in diameter.
  • Each decade is separated by a large rosebud bead, 0.50" in diameter.
  • A reversible pendant bears the images of Jesus and Mary.
  • The drop of the crucifix chain is about 3" long.
  • Presented in a Bellenza signature gift box.
  • Best paired with our Lúlucella Silk Bridal Shawl in Ivory.

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    Beyond the Bouquet

    Think beyond the traditional bouquet for bridal accessories that truly capture your style or express what means most to you. For a romantic church wedding, imagine carrying a vintage-style fan finished in antique lace as you walk down the aisle, accompanied by a beautiful silver rosary. See the example here.

    Precious Meaning

    Even a simple spray of fresh-from-the-garden blooms can take on an air of sophistication and romance with the right accents. A lavish bow perhaps? A jeweled handle? Or, for something truly meaningful for a Catholic bride, a precious silver rosary? With its rosebud-shaped beads, our rosary serves as both a floral accessory and an expression of the bride's faith. See the post.

    A Future Family Heirloom

    How wonderful would it be to give a gift that the bride would cherish forever? For a couple marrying in a Catholic ceremony, godparents may present this exquisite silver rosary as an expression of their faith—and as a precious heirloom to be kept in the family. Packaged in its own stylish box, it is ready for giving.

    Beauty is in the Details

    Most rosaries are made with glass beads of various colors. Others have beads of exotic wood or even lustrous pearls. Our signature design features sterling silver beads in the intriguing shape of little rosebuds—a fitting rendering, as the Latin rosarium means "garland of roses." Its two-sided silver pendant bears the images of Mary and Jesus. A truly lovely way to bring a deeper meaning to a church wedding ceremony!

    Vintage Wedding Details

    Perfect for a vintage-inspired wedding in romantic lace! This rosary can make a wonderful alternative to a wedding bouquet by carrying it with a beautiful lace fan. See the example here.


    Sold in units of

    This item is sold as a single unit.

    How it is packaged

    Each rosary is packaged in a cello bag with protective tissue wrapping, and presented in a signature Bellenza gift box.

    What you can do with this

    Simple yet elegant, this lovely rosary makes a wonderful heirloom gift for the Catholic bride. As an alternative to a floral bouquet, she may opt to carry this with a small prayer book.

    Product Description

    A rosary is a set of prayer beads traditionally used by Roman Catholics for prayer and meditation. The name "rosary" is derived from the Latin word, rosarium, or "garland of roses". Thus, our Zitalustré wedding rosary fittingly features tiny rosebud beads handcrafted in fine .925 sterling silver.