Luméseta Mini Floral Sachet Bags (set of 4)

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Luméseta Mini Floral Sachet Bags (set of 4)

Luméseta Mini Floral Sachet Bags (set of 4)

Product Price: $18.00

  • Price per unit $4.50.
  • Sold as a set of 4 floral sachet bags.
  • Stands about 4 ½” high (excluding handle).
  • Has a 2 ½” diameter base.
  • Made from fine silk fabric in an elegant ivory color.
  • These floral sachet bags have handpainted watercolor flowers.
  • Embroidered with metallic Lurex® yarn.
  • Has ivory satin drawstrings with metallic thread trim.
  • Ideal for packaging jewelry for bridesmaids, brooches, and fashionable pins.
  • Popular for garden themed events.

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    What Fits Inside

    These pouches fit approximately 5 each of chocolate coins, Lindt® truffles, saltwater taffy, or mini Toblerone® chocolates; 7 to 9 Jordan almonds; or a small handful (i.e., a little bit more than the size of your palm) of M&Ms® or other petite-sized candies such as buttermints, champagne bubbles, and amorini chocolate hearts.

    A Fairy World Favor Wishing Tree

    The beautiful floral imagery of these drawstring pouches evokes a fairy world theme such as in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream.” Fittingly, these pouches are perfect for hanging on a wedding wish tree—an interactive alternative to the traditional wedding guest book.

    Decor with a Wow Factor

    Imagine "upscale dining meets tropical oasis" at a stylish luau party. See how our silk pouches turn up the classy factor as decorative favors displayed on the table settings. A lush table-length centerpiece adds fresh, natural hues of green and orange, set against an elegant ivory tablecloth. How's that for a "wow" luau!

    Sizzling Fiesta Theme

    For a festive summertime theme, host a fiesta-inspired birthday bash with hot colors everywhere! See how our pouches can be given as pretty party favors here.

    Pretty Pouches Made Practical

    For thoughtful bridesmaids' gifts or bridal shower favors, these pretty silk pouches can be used to present jewelry. Their drawstring ties allow them to be hung on a wedding wish tree or the backs of guests' chairs. Their circular base, too, means they can be displayed standing upright—great for gift items in small bottles, such as cologne, hand lotion, pure golden honey, or homemade fruit preserves.

    Fashionably Filling and Fun

    These purses can also be fun favors to give at a fashion-themed bridal shower party. Post a fancy sign saying "Aisle Style", then fill the favor table with fashion-inspired favors from our tulle-and-lace purses to petite porcelain shoes filled with sweet treats.

    Classy Wedding in Ivory

    These pouches can be incorporated as part of a beautiful ivory wedding palette. See how ivory comes together in this beautiful presentation of ideas (click to view).


    Sold in units of

    Sold in set of 4 units.

    How it is packaged

    Each pouch is individually wrapped in a cello bag and filled with tissue stuffing to keep its shape. The set of 4 is encased in an outer box for additional protection during shipping.

    What you can do with this

    These silk, floral-painted pouches can be used to hold petite edible treats, like candies, mints, and Jordan almonds. They can also enclose small bottles of perfume, jewelry, and trinkets. For a pretty display at a garden-themed wedding or bridal shower, they can be hung from a “favor tree” as part of the decor.

    Product Description

    Our Luméseta pouch is sewn from silk fabric and handpainted in a soft pastel palette in pink, peach, lilac, and chartreuse. A drawstring pulls the pouch shut, allowing the contents to remain secure while on display at the reception or party.