Bella Fleur Floral Satin Ring Pillow with Embroidery

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Bella Fleur Floral Satin Ring Pillow with Embroidery

Bella Fleur Floral Satin Ring Pillow with Embroidery

Product Price: $175.00

  • Measures approximately 11" in diameter.
  • Sewn from classic white satin fabric.
  • Crafted with heirloom-quality workmanship.
  • Its magnolia flower shape is made from three layers of satin petals.
  • Each layer is edged with detailed beadwork.
  • The pillow center is embellished with pearls, sequins, and white glass beads.
  • A beaded butterfly serves as a ring holder using organza ribbons.
  • Each ring bearer pillow is presented in a Bellenza signature box.
  • Excellent for a garden wedding ceremony.
  • Best paired with the Lulucella Embroidered Shawl.
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    A Most Gracious Garden Wedding

    A Southern-inspired garden wedding ceremony set amidst blooming magnolia trees is the perfect setting for our romantic ring pillow. It would also make a most lovely bridal accessory at a butterfly- or flower-themed wedding ceremony—with the bridesmaids each having a fresh magnolia bloom in their hair or with loose magnolia petals scattered on the aisle runner.

    From Aisle to Wedding Reception

    Isn't it a pity that the bride's lovely accessories get hidden away after the ceremony? With their special materials and meticulous embellishment, why not have them reappear at the wedding reception as part of the decor? Here, our flower-shaped pillow shares the honors with the bride's embroidered and beaded shawl and her satin gloves—on display at a summertime garden reception.

    Heirloom Gifts for the Couple

    Among the many heartwarming and meaningful mementos of the couple's most special day, our precious ring pillow should be one of them. Presented in an elegant Bellenza signature box, it could be a thoughtful present from their parents or godparents, which the newlyweds can then keep as a treasured family heirloom.


    Sold in units of

    This item is sold as a single unit.

    How it is packaged

    Each ring pillow is packaged in a cello bag with protective tissue wrapping and presented in a signature Bellenza gift box.

    What you can do with this

    This floral-inspired ring pillow is ideal for a garden wedding ceremony in the spring or summer. Once it has been carried down the aisle at the ceremony, it can form part of the decor at the reception welcome table or the couple’s sweethearts table.

    Product Description

    Our Bella Fleur satin ring pillow is patterned after a delicate white magnolia in full bloom. Sewn with utmost care and attention to detail, this item features three layers of satin petals edged with fancy beadwork. At the center, a cluster of glistening pearls, sequins, and glass beads holds a pearl-beaded butterfly that serves to secure the wedding rings for the walk down the aisle.