A Treasure Hunt Theme for an Unforgettable Wedding

Finding true love can be likened to an arduous yet ultimately rewarding treasure hunt. A wedding taking place by the sea can reflect this experience with a fun theme simulating just that. Not that the entire event involves actual treasure hunting activities, but rather selected parts of the ceremony and certain decor elements at the reception recreate the romance and adventure of a treasure hunt (*this post contains affiliate links).

A Wedding Scavenger Hunt Printable For YOU

Below is a wedding scavenger hunt printable for you to use. We’ve made it generic enough so that it can be used in any setting, style, or theme. Have fun!

wedding scavenger hunt printable from Bellenza

Here is a list of what guests will have to search for:

  1. A baby’s photo of the bride and groom
  2. A sign with the words “hug” printed on the card
  3. A white dress
  4. Something blue on the bride
  5. A bowl of sugary treats
  6. A pillow used in the wedding
  7. A bowtie
  8. A favor box of chocolates
  9. A camera
  10. A white handerkchief
  11. The bestman’s speech
  12. A pink balloon

Give Special Prizes to Participating Guests

Mini boxes of treasure chests with chocolates.

No matter the size of the prize. Give everyone something special to take home like treasure chest boxes filled with treats. For more elaborate prizes, you can give:

  1. movie tickets
  2. tickets to a game
  3. gift cards from Amazon
  4. gift certificates to a spa
  5. bottles of wine
  6. canvas bags
  7. coloring books for kids who want to join
  8. a keepsake picture frame

Hold the Wedding Ceremony Aboard a Ship

To set the stage for this novel celebration, hold the wedding on board a ship or a yacht, with the ceremony itself being officiated by the ship’s captain. After the ceremony, have the guests head ashore, much like seafarers landing on an island. There, a beach-inspired reception awaits them, and the “search for hidden treasure” begins. At the entrance to the reception venue, guests must first sign their names in a uniquely crafted guestbook.

Prepare a Unique Guestbook

Scrolled papers in a bucket

In place of a traditional guestbook, present guests with a sheaf of parchment sheets and a feathered quill pen. A heading on each page may be written in Old World calligraphy. Aside from signing their names, invite guests to write personal wedding wishes on smaller pieces of parchment, roll them into scrolls, and secure them with sealing wax. As guests drop off these messages in specially decorated glass jars, they can then proceed to the reception tables. You can also create a nautical vignette table!

Be Imaginative with Place Cards

Shell card holders display the guests’ names and table assignments in graceful calligraphy.

Continue the treasure hunt atmosphere as guests make their way to their seats. Prepare petite scrolls of parchment tied with tiny ribbons and set these on seashell trays. Each scroll can contain an antique-looking map of the table arrangements with a big “X” marking the spot where a guest’s table is located. Each table may be named after an exotic country or any place typically associated with the golden age of pirates. For something simpler, prepare a reception table to greet guests as they enter the venue. Arrange some card holders in neat rows on the table, with the guests’ names and table assignments written on textured cards in graceful calligraphy. Once guests reach their tables, have fascinating settings awaiting them to make their “journey” worthwhile.

Arrange Exquisite Table Decorations

Create table arrangements that employ treasure hunt-inspired elements. To start, have the table names or numbers printed in ornate calligraphy on white cards displayed inside some picture frames. Each place setting can feature a simple porcelain plate, with a folded napkin mimicking a boat’s sail placed on top. The event’s menu and a welcome note could be written on a scroll enclosed in a glass bottle and laid on each guest’s seat.

For the centerpieces, depart from the typical floral selections and choose something in line with the theme. Place decorative candles inside lanterns laid at the center of the table, and surround them with sand, small rocks, and pebbles. Tiny bottles containing miniature scrolls may also peek from between the rocks and pebbles. Apart from the table decorations, special mementos of this special adventure should likewise carry on the theme.

Send Guests Off With Take-home Treasure

Two-toned chocolates in the shape of seashells look inviting in a gold-trimmed shell dish.

Seashell-shaped chocolates may be nestled in delightful containers to be given to guests. A grouping of these favors may be set on a “sandy seashore” atop a tray. For added whimsy, coins and miniature signs may be planted in the sand, hinting at these buried treasures. The favors themselves can each be wrapped with a personalized tag containing a sea-inspired quotation, a humorous message, or a hearty “Ahoy!”

As a final treat for departing guests, fill a wooden chest with an assortment of gold-covered chocolate coins and sweets in various shapes and colors. Place this on a special table near the exit of the venue. Add a small ornamental shovel, and invite guests to scoop up coins and sweets as take-home “treasures.”

A treasure hunt theme is definitely novel for a wedding celebration. But for a fun-loving couple, it provides an opportunity to engage their guests in a truly enjoyable way. The thrill begins with the imaginative planning of treasure hunt details–from maps, to shells, to coins, to scrolls in bottles, to an actual treasure chest. Employed as table decorations and gift items, these all work together to ensure that every treasure-seeker goes home happy.

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  1. Good day! Help! I am decorating a party for 175 guest approx. and the theme is Finding Beachlands Treasures. Beachland is our Elementary School. This is my 3rd year decorating for the event which is a fundraiser but this year I need help with ideas. The fundraiser is in a month and I need some ideas. If you have any please help me. Thank You!!!

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