Give Something Special for a Lake Michigan Wedding

Even if one isn’t celebrating a wedding by the sea, a lakeside ceremony may be just as memorable with unique favor ideas inspired by the cities surrounding beautiful Lake Michigan. Because of its sheer size, Lake Michigan spans the shorelines of several states like Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin—each state offering a range of inspiring sights, symbols, and products.

Showcase Michigan Products in Charming Favors

Favors are always something special. But those that also feature something edible from the locale are an added treat. For instance, mint chocolate candies made with the finest Michigan mints can be presented in petite capiz baskets tied with dainty bows. A printed tag can be attached bearing a warm message written in beautiful script, such as “Together Forever – From Michigan with Love.” A small jar of Michigan cherries or olives stuffed with blue cheese can also be wrapped in a swatch of organza and presented to the guests, as a tempting taste of the array of fine treats Michigan has to offer.

Present Mementos of the Windy City

Purse favor bags
Dainty purse bags in lace-trimmed tulle can hold any manner of favors, from edible treats to photo frames.

Capture the whimsical mood of Chicago by giving each guest a small bag filled with Chicago-style popcorn—a unique blend of caramel and cheese. This treat can take on an elegant look when presented in a colorful 17″ organza circle, finished off with a greeting wishing the guests “Happy Memories from the Windy City.” Another lovely idea for a wedding on the Chicago side of Lake Michigan is to present guests with tickets to some of the city’s most famous sights, like the Shedd Aquarium or Sears Tower. The tickets can be cleverly enclosed in delicate ivory frames or tucked into charming purses along with a handful of chocolates. Such a memento allows guests to enjoy the area’s famed landmarks after the reception and come away with the best wedding keepsake: happy memories.

Give Wisconsin Specialties as Treats

Mouthwatering shortbread cookies baked with rich and creamy Wisconsin butter make delicious treats. These can be baked in amusing, nautical-inspired shapes such as yachts, fish, or anchors, then presented in white organza bags, each with a tag attached announcing “A Wonderful Wisconsin Wedding.” For another delicious taste of Wisconsin, chunks of chocolate cow pie can be wrapped in individual plastic bags and placed in pretty boxes; or petite jars of honey can be tied with a ribbon and topped with a label containing a meaningful message for each guest.

Capture Lake Michigan Scenes as Keepsakes

Embroidered favor bag
Ivory photo frames, tucked inside embroidered gift bags, can hold Lake Michigan snapshots or photos of the newlyweds at the lake’s famed sights.

Lake Michigan’s beauty can also be showcased in beautiful photographs. Present guests with a frame tucked inside an embroidered gift bag—with each frame holding a photo of the couple in front of Lake Michigan. Alternatively, these frames could contain photos of different sights around the lake, or shots of the lake taken during the different seasons of the year—or even miniature paintings of lakeside views. A pretty ribbon that matches the wedding’s color motif may be tied around each frame for a nice finishing touch.

Lake Michigan and its surrounding cities provide delightful favor ideas that showcase the unique specialties of each locale. The trick is to discover edible local treats or distinct symbols that impart a sense of place and become charming mementos of a beautiful lakeside wedding.

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