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Go Luxe at an Elegant Beachside Wedding

Seashell table spread

A beachside wedding provides the perfect opportunity to blend the casual vibe of a resort setting with sophisticated table décor befitting this special moment. Beach-inspired centerpieces, flower arrangements, and favors are chosen to capture the dazzling colors of the sun and sea with the creative use of shells, crystals, and pearls.

Capture the Gorgeous Colors of the Sunset

Wraps in sunset hues
Sunset hues of burnt orange, aquamarine, and lilac adorn these colorful fabrics.

Recreate a beautiful beachside sunset by painting sunny orange and cool azure hues into each table scene. The striking interplay of burnt orange and aquamarine colors infuses the display with a touch of nature as it also makes a stunning visual impact.

When applied in various ways throughout the wedding venue from ribbon and flower accents to table settings and centerpieces, this elegant color palette speaks both sun and sophistication.

Add Graceful Accents

Simple accents like ribbons, when tastefully applied to the event’s decor, add a dynamic effect as they billow in the warm ocean breeze. For instance, satin ribbons can be used to decorate the chairs at the reception–either in a combination of turquoise, sea green, and brown; or in silver and a shade of blue, such as aquamarine or teal. The color of sand may be incorporated through earthy colors in shades of brown or tan.

Flowers are another excellent accent. Magnolias, bird-of-paradise blooms, and dendrobiums bring that tropical feel to the scene. When chosen in hues like magenta, orange, and white, they perfectly complement the event’s color palette. Such flowers can be used in an eye-catching centerpiece or as simple accents laid alongside each place setting. Beyond the tradition of floral arrangements, the gifts of the sea may be showcased in other delightful centerpieces.

Create Centerpieces That Speak of the Sea

Seashell decor accents
Beach-inspired centerpieces may be complemented by shell-encrusted frames and tealights atop miniature shell trays.

An attractive centerpiece for a beachside celebration is one that draws inspiration from its natural surroundings. The key is to create a subtle natural look, rather than one that is deliberate and stiff. An array of flowers, for instance, can be presented atop a bed of sand, seashells, and pebbles in a large, flat wooden box or tray ideal for centerpiece arrangements.

For something easy and original, a rectangular glass vase or a globe-shaped bowl may be filled with sand, a variety of shells, and a few white orchid sprigs–immediately evoking a tropical paradise. For illumination, tea lights may be presented in shell candle holders, with clear crystals and turquoise blue stones positioned to reflect the light.

Candles always evoke a sense of glamour and romance. When used as part of a centerpiece, a grouping of five candles, each one decorated with seashells, lends a warm glow to the table setting. Whether featuring flowers, shells, or candles, these beachside wedding centerpieces can be further accentuated by the sparkle and glitter of other table elements.

Brighten Up the Table with Sparkling Elements

Candle adornments
Candle plates bring sparkle to the table when paired with pearl adornments.

A table arrangement showcasing the distinct elements and colors of the beach can take on a sophisticated look with sparkling embellishments. Decorative accents featuring faux pearls, rhinestones, and crystals may be positioned around the centerpiece along with a light scattering of sequins. The glow of candle centerpieces can be reflected on mirror plates to create a striking tabletop display. Apart from these decorative touches, beach-inspired keepsakes complete the experience of a luxurious wedding celebration at the beach.

Present Favors With the Feel of the Beach

Conclude a classy wedding by the beach by giving guests delightful mementos of the occasion. Scenic photographs in seashell frames are one option, wrapped in fabric and coordinated with the color palette of the table. These wrapped keepsakes may then be arranged in an alternating fashion at each guest’s place setting.

Seashell frames for guests
Keepsake frames come in fabrics that call to mind the aqua of the ocean and the lilac and pink of seashells.

An assortment of toiletries perfect for a day at the beach could also be given to each guest. Petite bottles of suntan oil, hand lotion, or bath sea salts may be bundled together and assembled inside a favor box, which can be tied with a ribbon and finished off with an enclosure bearing a meaningful saying.

Casual and carefree meets elegant and sophisticated at a wedding blessed with the natural gifts of the sea. Luxurious details ranging from the table settings to the centerpieces and various adornments are set off against a color palette that mimics the sun, the sand, and the waves as guests come away with favors that echo the experience.

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  1. Monika (August 2010 bride)

    Hi. I hear that turquoise is supposed to be a hot color for summer weddings next year. Can you help me with matching this color, pls. Thanks so much.


  2. im planning to get married in two years and need some ideas for my future wedding. i was thinking of my favorite color which is aqua blue, but not sure. what do you recommend me choosing and lokking for?

  3. i also LOVE shells so not sure yet what to do

  4. Shells are perfect for decorating centerpieces when you want to minimize the use of flowers. Incorporate elements such as sand and water, or even floating candles. Then look for chic glass bowls to house them!

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