Bridal Makeup Trend for Fall: Try Greige!

Greige bridal beauty

Greige! A sophisticated combination of beige and gray that presents brides with the opportunity to explore neutral shades of grey and brown. It’s great when you want to achieve a neutral look that’s just perfect for an autumn wedding. When applying greige makeup, the key is to infuse some pink or red hues in order to bring out a balanced look that is sophisticated!

Getting the Look That’s Right for You Using Greige!

First up, remember that greige comes in different shades and finding the right shade depends on the kind of look that you want to achieve. Is it dramatic with a sultry appeal (i.e., think smokey eyes), neutral and natural, or somewhere in between? You should also consider what shade would complement your skin tone, as well as your hair color. Given these factors, let’s see what choices are out there!

Greige beauty tips and finds for fall brides | as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza. #greigemakeup

Starting with your nails, Essie offers a Greige Nail Polish collection in 6 shades from soft grays to granite to mulberry. Our personal favorite for a natural look is called “masterplan” that is a soft gray nail lacquer.

For your eyes, Urban Decay has the Naked2 Eyeshadow palette that consists of 12 neutral shades with a hue of taupe. Check out their how-to-apply tutorial.

For that perfect bridal smile, define your lips with Marc Jacobs (P)outliner in Prim(Rose), Honey(Bun), or (Nude)ist shades. Then fill in luscious color with Cheryl: Barely Greige Lipstick from L’Oreal’s “Exclusive Nudes” Color Riche Collection.

Revlon’s “Naughty Nude” Face Blush/Bronzer will give you that hint of freshness for that photo-ready look from ceremony to reception!

Definitely a sophisticated approach to wedding day makeup that’s “on trend” for today’s modern bride. Give it a try!

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