Does the Cost of the Engagement Ring Really Matter?

French-set Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring from  Ritani

According to the most recent data from a 2013 report by Jewelers of America, couples spent an average of $4,000 on an engagement ring in 2012. We’re giving you options today that go a little bit above that average, but don’t go over the top either. Hence, we pegged the amount of our finds to $5,000.

5 Ways to Answer the Question!

  1.   Is your relationship solid enough that the cost doesn’t really matter?
  2.   Will setting a budget on your ring cramp your style or not?
  3.   Are you willing to forego spontaneity for the sake of buying the ring together?
  4.   Does your soon-to-be (we hope) fiance know your taste in jewelry?
  5.   Will you be willing to set a limit on the ring price without feeling resentful?

10 Practical Tips on Buying the Ring

Now that you’ve cleared up the questions above, here are some tips and ideas for approaching the ring-buying process:

  1.   Find a style that suits you. Subtle or statement? Art deco or modern and minimalist? Halo, solitaire, or vintage?
  2.   Choose the metal: gold, silver, palladium, or platinum?
  3.   Get inspiration from more expensive rings. Got a favorite celebrity ring? Look for knockoffs!
  4.   Consider a used ring from I Do Now I Don’t.
  5.   Turn to your family heirloom jewelry. Does someone in your family have a ring?
  6.   Before you buy, try online first. Yes, it is sometimes possible to find a cheaper ring online than at a storefront.
  7.   Browse through estate sales. There might be a gorgeous vintage ring within your budget.
  8.   For less pricey options, consider synthetic diamonds such as those made by Gemesis. Cubic zirconia and mossanite are pretty alternatives.
  9.   Consider the size and cut of the diamond, as there is quite a range in prices to choose from.
  10.   Don’t rule out colored stones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, and garnets.

5 Stunning Engagement Rings under $5000!

Here are 5 stunning choices among the dazzling array available.

5 Stunning Engagement Rings under $5000!

1 – Cushion-Shaped Diamond Halo Platinum Engagement Ring from Smyth Jewelers – $3,960 (center stone not included in price)

2 – Classic Six-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum from  Blue Nile – $560

3 – French-set Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring from  Ritani – $1,770

4 – Chamise Diamond Ring (PRESET 18K WHITE GOLD) from Brilliant Earth – $2,560

5 – Tiffany SOLESTE® Ring – Round Brilliant Diamonds in Platinum from Tiffany & Co. – $5,000

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Now that we’ve given you some tips and finds, do you think that the cost of the ring really matters? Tell us what you think! Let’s talk about it!

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