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Dreamy Diadems Bring Out The Princess In You!

Beautiful Diadems for Your Inspiration

If you haven’t noticed the growing trend of brides wearing jeweled headpieces known as diadems or tiaras, then today’s post is a definite must-read! They’re not only a wonderful alternative for brides who prefer jewels to flowers to decorate their wedding hair, but also a fashionable choice for brides who want to complete their wedding day jewelry ensemble from head to toe! Just look at what we found! You’ll be just as smitten as we were when we stumbled upon these dazzling finds!

Beautiful Diadems for Your Inspiration!

Dreamy Diadems Bring Out The Princess In You | Featured on The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza. #tiaras #diadems

  1. “Regency” tiara in 18K yellow gold with white topaz gemstones designed by Ray Griffiths as seen on Stone and Strand.
  2. Russia Swarovski Zirconia tiara in 14K gold as seen on the site of Swarovski.
  3. Lotus Tiara made of Swarovski Crystals and creamrose pearls from Victoria Fergusson UK
  4. A custom-made tiara in a wreath of flowers consisting of opals, emeralds and diamonds set in gold from Irene Neuwirth. This tiara was worn by Joanna Newsom on her wedding to comedian Andy Samberg in 2013 as seen on The New York Times.
  5. Pearls and gold balls “Leonid” tiara by Ganjam as seen on the blog of The Jewellery Editor.