Elegant Bridal Headpieces Beyond the Traditional Veil: What Are Your Options?

What can you wear beyond a veil

Wondering if you’re brave enough to do away with the traditional bridal veil? Don’t worry. So many wedding conventions are now giving way to modern trends…and the bridal veil is clearly one of them. Today, the choices of alternative head adornments are not only varied, they’re definite style statements in themselves! So what are your choices for going “beyond the veil”? Here are a few fabulous ones to choose from, to suit your wedding theme and your bridal ensemble! (*This post contains affiliate links)

Elegant Headpieces from Birdcage Veils to Hair Combs

Birdcage veils – mini versions of a full veil that provide an alluring mesh or net-like covering for the face normally up to lip or chin length, hence the resemblance to a birdcage. See examples:

Birdcage veils that are elegant

  1. Toni Federici Dixie Birdcage Veil via Nordstrom
  2. Birdcage Veil with Pearl and Crystal Comb via Ann Leslie Bridal
  3. Bianca Antique Lace Birdcage Veil via Jules Bridal Jewellery
  4. White Birdcage Flower Feather Fascinator via Amazon

Lace caps – little lace creations that normally hug the head and drape softly over the eyebrow line, sometimes edged with a soft fringe. Do note that some lace caps are integrated with a veil as you in the photo (1) below. See examples:

Bridal Lace Caps To Wear

  1. Manon Lace Silk Veil Bridal Cap via Erica Elizabeth
  2. French-inspired Bridal Lace Cap with Veil via Twigs and Honey
  3. Vintage Milliner’s Lace and Velvet Bridal Cap via Victoria Millesime
  4. Juliet Lace Cap from Mariell Online

Haute couture fascinators – petite caps perched atop or on one side of the head, often elaborately embellished with sweeping feathers, fabric bows, and jeweled pieces (a fashion trend that burst on the international scene following the British royal wedding in April 2011!). See example:

Luna Fascinator via Heili Bridal
Luna Fascinator via Heili Bridal

Embellished bandeaus – bands of fabric, such as tulle, chiffon, and silk, often handmade with customized floral and jeweled embellishments to match the bridal ensemble; worn flat, encircling the crown of the head. See examples:

Embellished bridal bandeaus

  1. Beaded Medallion Bandeau Headpiece via Danani Bridal
  2. Handmade Beaded Bridal Headband via Amazon

Glamorous head bands – little girl head pieces all grown up, encased in luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, or satin and glammed up with oversized bows, flowers, feathers, or sparkling rhinestones. See examples:

Bridal headbands as veil alternatives

  1. Valentina Headband via Justine M Couture
  2. Atiena Halo Headpiece via Bloomingdale’s
  3. Kira Halo Headpiece via Bloomingdale’s
  4. Mariell Couture Crystal Bridal Headpiece via Amazon

Vintage hair combs – a lovely way to add that “something old” to the bridal ensemble, may be a family heirloom piece or a gorgeous find at an antique store or flea market. See examples:

Vintage hair combs to wear without a veil

  1. Handmade Pearl Crystal Hair Comb via Jules Bridal Jewelry
  2. Mariell Silvery Golden Crystal Comb via Amazon
  3. Isadora Hair Clip via Bloomingdale’s
  4. Luciana Crystal Comb via Bloomingdale’s

Glittering tiaras – miniature crowns that bring a princess-like touch to the bride’s look, usually encrusted with Swarovski crystals, pearls, and other semi-precious stones

Fresh flowers – the perfect hair accent for the beach or bohemian bride; could be an elaborate piece crafted by the wedding florist or simply a lovely tropical bloom tucked into loose, flowing hair.

Bejewelled turbans – if the wedding theme calls for it, an exotic turban of white silk or satin could be a stunning head turner (no pun intended!)


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