10 Practical Tips for Keeping Guests Comfortable at a Beach Wedding!


Keep cool! That’s the order of the day at a Beach Wedding out in the summer sun. And not just for the bridal party, who of course need to look their dazzling best. But for the wedding guests as well. So here are our 10 must-do items to add to your checklist leading up to the Big Day—from sun protection, to hydration, to attire tips, to bug spray! We assure you, your concern will be much appreciated!

Keep Beach Wedding Guests Cool & Comfy: 10 Must-Do Tips

10 Practical Tips for How to Keep Guests Comfortable at a Beach Wedding! #beachweddingideas #beachweddings

  1. Keep guests hydrated with cold refreshments like flavored/infused water.
  2. Provide parasols or umbrellas during the wedding ceremony.
  3. Display a basket of slippers and brushes so guests can remove sand from their feet.
  4. Present guests with sun kits containing sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, and beach hats.
  5. Keep bug spray handy, if the location is in an exotic place.
  6. Provide a schedule of the day’s events—especially helpful for a destination wedding.
  7. Keep the little ones happy with a kids’ play area or activity table.
  8. Include attire recommendations as part of your invitations.
  9. Prepare ceremony programs that can also serve as hand fans.
  10. Roll up little hand towels (like on long airplane flights) and chill them in an ice chest to be handed out to guests.

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