10 Wedding Bar Ideas: Scrumptious AND Stylish!

Wedding food bars for summer weddings

Isn’t the concept of food bars at weddings just brilliant? Convenient for guests and hosts alike, a food bar offers the fun of choice (and the chance to go back for more!). Plus the delectable display can become a striking focal point of the reception decor. These 10 examples from real and styled weddings show exactly what we mean. Talk about scrumptious and stylish!

Fab Food Bar Ideas for Your Wedding

Fab Food Bar Ideas for Your Wedding from churro to cupcake to gelato as featured on the Bellenza Wedding Bistro

Churro bar – Just the thing for a Spanish or Mexican themed wedding, but with a chic, modern look! For styling ideas, visit this post from Coco + Kelley.

Cupcake bar
– Cupcakes would be a hit with any motif. But this fall harvest-themed dessert table by Food Love Happiness has that whimsical woodland appeal.

Gelato bar
– What a cool idea (literally!) to serve gelato. And check out the lovely arrangements of chocolate-dipped cones waiting to be filled, as found on The Perfect Dress.

Omelette bar
– Imagine having a chef whip up fresh omelettes at your wedding breakfast or brunch! Image via Glendalough Manor (attributed to Yummy Wedding Food).

Donut bar
– Offer up flavors, frostings, and fillings to suit everyone’s donut dream—just like this tempting array featured on Offbeat Bride.

(More!) Fab Food Bar Ideas for Your Wedding

Food bars from oyster bars to cookie bars to cupcake bars as featured on the Bellenza Wedding Bistro

Oyster bar  – An impressive cocktail presentation for a summer wedding in Maine, styled by Lisa Vorce and Mindy Cone (found via Pinterest / image by Aaron Delesie Photography)

Waffle bar
– Make-your-own waffles bring a warm, homey feel to a wedding breakfast. Be sure to offer up a selection of berry toppings and flavored syrups, as shown here by One Sweet Appetite.

Biscuit bar
– You don’t have to be Southern to treat guests to a display of biscuits as elegantly refined as this one featured on Southern Weddings.

French fry bar
– Whether you’re having a casual country wedding or a formal outdoor reception, check out this fun “fries with all the fixin’s” station we spotted on Zeffert & Gold Catering and Event Planning.

Cookie bar
– Cookies make yummy pre-reception munchies, easy-serve dessert, and great take-home favors. Love this inviting presentation from a sweet real wedding, captured by Heidi Ryder Photography.

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