Beach Tablescape Colors from Brown to Blue

Beach Color Palettes

So, it’s final. You’ve decided on a romantic beach ambiance for your wedding reception. You can almost hear the gentle lapping of the waves and feel the warm, calming breeze. But wait! You’re stumped about what colors to use! Will you go beach umbrella bright? Snappy nautical? Exotic turquoise and coral? The choices can be overwhelming.

We’d like to help. We have three scenes to show you, each decked out in a different color palette—and each exuding a distinct look and feel about beach-themed entertaining. Plus, you get to see how actual decorative details bring each color scheme to life. Happy palette choosing!

Upscale Beach Color Palette

Brown beach tablescape with green accents
Rich, warm tones characterize this elegant party setting—from browns to neutrals, with highlights of fresh green and glistening gold.

The palette: Russet / Chocolate / Ivory / Leafy Green
Chocolate brown and ivory and green

The look: Capture the elegant mood of a sit-down affair at a beachfront villa, featuring stylish references to the sea in the form of well-chosen decorative accents amidst rich, warm color tones.

The decorative elements:

  1. a table cloth in a rich russet shade
  2. an ivory-colored overlay in a sheer, textured fabric
  3. brown fabric napkins in an interesting mesh material, reminiscent of fishing nets
  4. a sand-covered 3D table number
  5. seashell trays holding glowing tea lights
  6. fresh foliage centerpieces in gold-finished bowl vases
  7. strands of faux pearls and loose seashells scattered throughout the table display

Cool Seaside Chic Color Palette

Beach inspired tablesetting with orange and pale blue.
Stylishly serene. That’s the mood reflected in this cool and chic palette of sky blue, ivory, sand, and a touch of orange.

The palette: Sky blue / Ivory / Sand / Orange
Sky blue and orange and ivory

The look: Recreate the captivating ambiance of an isolated beach along a calm stretch of ocean, blessed with powdery sand and a gentle breeze—all in all, a serene almost zen-like atmosphere.

The decorative elements:

  1. a table cloth in cool, crisp sky blue
  2. chic square dinner plates and fabric napkins in ivory
  3. a table runner of sand-colored cotton or linen fabric
  4. bromeliad blooms in cube-shaped glass vases for a splash of vibrant orange
  5. candy sachets in two-toned sky blue and ivory silk
  6. seashell place card holders adorned with floral sprays made from tiny shells
  7. a variety of actual shells, beach sand, and pebbles as accents

Rustic Tropical Paradise Color Palette

Coconut green tablesetting wtih tan and light brown colors.
Nature takes center stage in this organic color scheme of ivory, beige, and green—brought in through foliage, fiber, fruits, and shells. Oh, and a dash of orange in tropical blooms!

The palette: Ivory / Straw / Leafy Green / Orange
Ivory and green

The look: Picture yourselves on a secluded island surrounded by the sparkling ocean and enjoying the natural beauty of a lush tropical paradise.

The decorative elements:

  1. an ivory-colored table cloth, textured like sand with windblown patterns
  2. actual fresh coconuts transformed into centerpiece vases
  3. fan-shaped tropical palm fronds in place of flowers
  4. bird-of-paradise blooms providing vibrant tropical color
  5. natural straw pompoms as decorative accents
  6. strands of tiny seashells serving as napkin rings and strewn amidst the table display

As you can see, the possibilities for a beach-inspired color palette are wide ranging indeed! Even the look and feel changes perceptibly from one color scheme to the next. So zero in on the mood you want for your wedding reception, then make your choice.


  1. I LOVE seeing how you put this together with steps and a palette!

  2. Thanks! It was a joy to assemble such a fun concept for beach themed wedding tables. Amazing how using brown, ivory, and sand can really add a unique texture to the palette!

  3. I like the first set of colors the best. I’ve never heard of the color “russet” — thanks for teaching me something! I’m really in love with that leafy green color — it looks so good with so many different things!

  4. very classy and elegant!

  5. love the third one!!I would definitely pick taht one, natural and exotic!

  6. Hello Alessandra. The third one is my favorite, too! Thanks.

  7. sand covered table number? brilliant!

  8. Hi Christina! Yes, we love it, too. We made it using cut styrofoam and then brushed it with sand. It’s quite simple and perfect for a beach party! Thanks!

  9. Fun color palettes! Each beautiful, but totally different looks! Love #1! So many great beachy ideas!

  10. Thanks a bunch for stopping by! We love your recent post for a color palette of coral, pink, peach, ivory, and black. SO elegant 🙂

  11. Love the sandy color palette. You may want to check out this color palette that uses some shades of aqua in monochromatic style:

    Just to let you know, you can also use this nifty tool from to craft your own color combos!

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