40th Wedding Anniversary Party Guide: Ruby-inspired!

40th Wedding Anniversary Party Guide. Ruby-inspired!

Did you know that the ruby symbolizes the 40th year of marriage? So, for your 40th anniversary celebration, this romantic red gem would make the ideal accent that ties all the party decorations together! Red is such a bold, striking color. So, you need just touches of it to make a stylish statement on your tablescapes. Then, serve ruby-inspired food and drinks, and give lovely red-hued anniversary party favors.

Ruby Red Table Decorations

From centerpieces to favors to a fabulous dessert display, plan a special 40th anniversary party with these doable ideas and inspiration.

Create Symbolic Anniversary Centerpieces

For the table centerpiece, use a pair of lovely decorative candles to symbolize the anniversary couple. And that ornate tray? It’s actually a mirror in a carved antique-finish frame!

Create Symbolic Anniversary Centerpieces // Styled by Bellenza.

How to make it yours:

  • If you don’t want to miss out on a floral centerpiece, you could still create a lovely pair of arrangements—identical in every way except one is in a crimson vase. Underneath, you could lay an elegant table runner or a vintage crocheted doily.
  • You could also arrange twin doves or lovebirds made of terra cotta, porcelain, or silver in a bed of fresh foliage. For a red accent, place a single red rose between them.
  • For something whimsical, craft a “memory tree” centerpiece from manzanita branches standing in a clear glass vase filled with red crystals. Hang 40 tiny trinkets on the tree, representing a special memory from each year of marriage.

Style Romantic Place Settings

Bring touches of ruby red to all-white place settings through simple accents like heart tags on floral sachets, napkin rings, and loose rose petals.

Style Romantic Place Settings // Styled by Bellenza.

How make it yours:

  • You could switch the red touches to some of the other table elements, such as red fabric napkins, votive holders encrusted with red beads (see below), or red crystals as wine glass charms.
  • As alternative party favors, you may also present bundles of sweet treats in red organza wraps atop each place setting.
  • Or you could have a single red rosebud in a mini glass vase to welcome each guest to his or her seat.

Bring Drama to the Chair Decor

Attach a red silk cabbage rose to each chair back. Then, add dramatic flair with large bows of black satin ribbon trailing down to the floor.

Bring Drama to the Chair Decor // Styled by Bellenza.

How make it yours:

  • Make his and hers chairs with decorations such as personalized signs, monograms or even their wedding photos.
  • Use real flowers on the chairs, perhaps roses, carnations, anemones or calla lilies.
  • Use a different color of ribbon like gold, silver, or ivory to complement the floral decor.

Set Up a Striking Food & Drinks Display

Arrange a food and drinks display made festive with touches of red—goblets of cherry- and almond-flavored gelatin garnished with Oreos, votive holders encrusted with red beads, and red paper streamers!

Set Up a Striking Food and Drinks Display // Styled by Bellenza.

How to make it yours:

  • Present the main entrees in stainless steel chafing dishes—with a red fabric napkin knotted around each chafing dish handle; plus serving utensils with chic red enamel handles.
  • Offer a crisp green salad in a large red glass bowl, with several choices of dressings and toppings in matching red mini bowls.
  • Set up a beverage station on a trolley, with a selection of your favorite red wines, sangria in a graceful carafe, and red glass goblets for serving juices and sodas.

Display Gifts for the Celebrants

Prepare a special gift table for guests to place their presents for the couple. As the centerpiece for this display, assemble a lavish gift basket of gourmet goodies packaged in red wraps and trimmed with red ribbons and paper streamers.

Display Gifts for the Celebrants // Styled by Bellenza.

How to make it yours:

  • Set up a gift table with a 40th anniversary signage.
  • Display a backdrop of past photos of the celebrants throughout their years of marriage.
  • Add a guestbook to the gifts table for well-wishers to leave their personal messages for the happy couple.

40th Anniversary Invitations

Of course, the anniversary theme is introduced from the time the invitations are sent out. So, see the exciting range of invite designs available from some fave party product affiliates.

40th Anniversary Invitations // Curated by Bellenza.

1 – Luxury Ruby Gems 40th Anniversary Party Invites – from My Invitation via Zazzle

2 – 40th Wedding Anniversary with Photo “We Still Do” Card – from Just Weddings via Zazzle

3 – 40th Anniversary Glitter Confetti Surprise Party Card – via Zazzle

4 – Ruby Anniversary Gatefold Invitations – from Creative Converting via Amazon

5 – 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations {Holographic} – by Simon Elvin via Amazon

6 – 40th Wedding Anniversary Invitations – from Factory Card and Party Outlet via Amazon

Ruby Anniversary Party Food, Drinks, and Desserts

Plan a special menu that alludes to the ruby theme with dishes, drinks and desserts featuring the color red!

Ruby Anniversary Party Food, Drinks, and Desserts // Curated by Bellenza.

As guests arrive, treat them to a fancy appetizer like Goat Cheese Mousse with Red Wine Caramel (1) to be enjoyed with crostini and walnuts. Then, serve a light and refreshing Gazpacho Soup (2) followed by a hearty Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken (4). For your main dish, serve fresh Grilled Salmon with Asparagus (3).

As the “star of the show,” have a stunning Red Velvet Cake (6) for the couple to slice, just as they did their wedding cake. And for the anniversary toast, have bottles of red wine (5) ready—preferably a vintage with a special meaning to the celebrants.

Credits: 1 – Recipe.com / 2 – Bella’s Banquet / 3 – Kraft Recipes / 4 – Spiced Blog / 5 – Bellenza / 6 – Jamie Oliver

40th Anniversary Decor & Favor Ideas

Occasions like this call for special mementos of the couple’s 40 years together. We found some charming ideas—both as keepsakes for the honorees and as favors for the guests.

40th Anniversary Decor and Favor Ideas // Curated by Bellenza.

1 – 40th Anniversary Party Wine Bottle Labels – Custom “We Still Do” Personalized  from Big Dot of Happiness via Amazon

2 – Square Favor Boxes with ribbon and personalized label – via Beau-coup

3 – “We Still Do” 40th Wedding Anniversary Confetti – from Big Dot of Happiness via Amazon

4 – Personalized 40 Year Ruby Anniversary Art Print – from Cedar House Keepsakes via Amazon

5 – Red Candy Kit for a Party Buffet – from Candy Buffet Outlet via Amazon

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