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A Bar at Your Wedding? Some Delicious Ideas!

Crepe bar for wedding

Among the many cool trends at weddings today is the bar. Not necessarily the traditional liquor and cocktails station nor the hugely popular dessert or candy table. But some other really fun variations that we’re going to showcase here!

And what a range they are! From sweets to beverages to chilled goodies, they all offer wedding guests the chance to customize their servings—and of course, go back for seconds or more, if they wish! What we love best about these wedding bars, though, is how they can play up the couple’s chosen theme and become an important part of the reception decor, too! Ready to “raise the bar” at your own wedding?

Wedding bar ideas from popcorn to coffee to fondue bars

1 – How charming is this popcorn bar? Found via Ashley’s Bride Guide featuring lovely vintage wedding decorations from Cedarwood Weddings, the display includes burlap sacks, antique luggage pieces, and burlap and fabric bunting all to show off the yummy popcorn varieties that guests can choose from. Perfect for a rustic, country-themed wedding!

2 – This casual, laid back donut bar presents a cool way for guests to get through the night’s festivities. Add some piping hot cocoa for the young ones, while the adults can be served up a variety of coffees and teas. You may also include some special syrups for those who want to add flavors such as vanilla, rum, or mint chocolate to their coffees. See Best Friends for Frosting for more inspiration!

3 – We loved this idea the minute we saw it: cupcake fondue! Just look at that array of colorful, sparkly toppings just waiting to be dipped in to with plain cupcakes on fondue forks. Thanks to this fun post on How Sweet It Is, you can recreate this so easily for your own wedding bar—and your guests will have a grand time!

4 – We are in love with this rustic chic baby shower that features a yogurt bar table filled with Greek yogurt in small vintage parfait glasses, with toppings that include fresh fruits from peaches to strawberries. See Splurge Event Design for more great details!

5 – For a summertime wedding or one with an Italian theme, what a wonderful treat a gelato bar would be! No details in this post from United With Love (which features a whole slew of other refreshing summer treats), but we can just imagine guests gathered round this serving station scooping up the chocolate, pistachio and berry flavors to enjoy. Sure to be a hit!

6 – Not your usual idea of a coffee bar, this is a lovely example of making your beverage station part of your overall decor. Brooke of Karaki Photography shares this from her own wedding, where vintage green glassware played a major part—so she used them to hold 3 choices of sweeteners. Then, note the vintage kitchen canisters and the glass milk bottles on display, too. Just hope no one accidentally ate any of the pretty buttons!

7 – A crepe bar would be perfect for a wedding breakfast! Found on the lovely site of Your Home-Based Mom, we just adore this bridal shower that served up crepes with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Nutella and lemon curd were also available for guests to enjoy!

8 – Here’s a heartwarming variation of the hot cocoa bar found on Savannah Beginnings (inspired by the feature on Food Network). Along with their cups of hot chocolate, offer guests a range of fixin’s: cinnamon sticks, Nutella, candied orange zest, caramel, whipped cream, almond milk, chipotle pepper powder, marshmallows, shaved chocolate, peppermints, and crystallized ginger. Something to suit every taste!


  1. What wonderful ideas! I like the way you provide sources for all of your selections. Would love to be at that Greek yogurt bar right now. I’m starving.

  2. Wonderful ideas! These are perfect for a New Year’s midnight party! My fave is the donut bar!

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