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A Fall Wedding Filled with Beautiful Colors and Textures

Fall wedding party colors

When thinking of fall, what comes to mind are the ever-changing hues of the season—from lush green to vivid orange to rich brown. The best way to apply color at a fall-time wedding, then, is…well…naturally! Nature itself provides your key décor elements as it brings authentic colors and great organic textures to the look and feel of your party tables. Cast the golden glow of candlelight and the nostalgic scents of autumn over the entire scene, and you have all the makings of a memorable wedding set in the romantic atmosphere that is unique to fall. Truly a celebration to cherish!

Make the Most of Fall-time Colors and Textures

Imagine a color combo of red and brown; gold and olive green; olive green and fuchsia; or even brown, burnt orange, and apple green (refer to more examples above). These colors evoke a bold and rich autumn look, but with an elegant flair. You may also opt for non-traditional color pairings that still convey the spirit of the season—such as brown and yellow, fuchsia and brown, or ivory, gold, and plum. Or you may choose to use red as your base color. If so, you can select from its many distinct shades ranging from fire engine red to deep burgundy to create your intended look. Hint: Red and gold make great accents because even a touch of these hues creates a striking statement.

Apply a Variety of Natural Elements

Take your pick from the variety of shapely leaves that symbolize fall, such as maple, oak, and birch. Add other natural elements like pinecones, acorns, twigs, raffia fibers, and of course fresh flowers and fruits in season. Create a fall-inspired wedding welcome sign filled with mini frames—a unique way to display the favors. Or fill straw baskets with fall blooms like dahlias, mums, and zinnias interspersed with woodsy elements.

Tip: For a fall fruit centerpiece, fill glass bowls of varying sizes with shapely fruits such as mini pumpkins, gourds, persimmons, kumquats, pears, or apples. Then tie the stands of each vase with a raffia ribbon. Add some fall flowers to the display for a striking interplay of elements.

Bring On Plenty of Romantic Candlelight

Fall candle centerpiece
A candle centerpiece decorated with pinecones and other natural elements creates the perfect mood for a festive autumn table.

We can’t say it often enough…candles are virtual musts at a wedding party! And even more so at an autumn celebration. They bring instant glam and romance to the scene, plus a feeling of warmth and coziness just perfect for this time of year. In our candle-wreath centerpiece, for instance, even the simplest of materials come together in a beautiful, heartwarming display. What’s more, you can craft this yourself and barely make a dent in your party budget!

Use Rich, Textured Fabrics for the Tables

In keeping with the lushness of the season, consider rich, textured fabrics such as brocade or damask to dress up your party tables. Then, lay out linen fabric napkins in ivory and table runners in a fall hue such as hunter green.  Use red wrapping paper to present vases of roses as lovely guest favors, or candied apples as nostalgic autumn party mementos. Hint: See how to assemble this simple idea! Don’t be afraid to mix and match fabric textures and colors, as long as they are within your chosen palette.

Clearly, autumn offers a wealth of plus factors when it comes to applying marvelous colors and textures to your wedding party. Take full advantage of these with materials, fabrics, edibles, and decor items (like candles) that bring the season’s warmth and romance to this most precious occasion.


  1. I just love the color palette using plum and hunter green!

  2. Those red fabric wrapped vases are so gorgeous! I’m planning to make them using the gold colored ones and then giving my guests vibrant orange roses. So pretty!

  3. To view more favor ideas, please visit our fall themed favors’ page where you will find a whole range of favors from gold place frames that can double up as your table decorations to our petite favor baskets that can be filled with autumn inspired treats such as maple leaf shaped chocolates, candied orange slices, orange and brown M&Ms, or a simple chocolate truffle! You can also make delicious caramel apples and wrap them up in a lovely fabric wrap colored in red, burnt orange, and olive! Then, be sure to personalize it with a thoughtful fall saying like “A Wedding to Fall in Love!”

  4. Paula and John (2011 fall)

    Hi there. My fiance and I are planning a fall wedding with a wine inspired theme. Do you think this is appropriate for a fall reception? I’m wondering because how would I do the decorations. I’m doing this on a small budget so you’re ideas would be helpful 🙂

  5. Mustard yellow, brown, and red? What do you think? Is red and yellow okay for a fall wedding?

  6. Hi, Myra — The mustard yellow-red-brown palette you mentioned is actually quite similar to the pic above with the vases of red roses (the tablecloth is a goldish kind of mustard). So it could work! Just be sure to infuse some green, like leaves or some other table element, to add a hint of freshness to that bold palette.

  7. could you please send me some ideas on using candy apples in a vase as a centre piece for my daughters wedding.



  8. Hi, Shari — Arranging candy apples in a vase would be tricky because of their caramel coating and toppings (if any)! So, here are a couple of centerpiece ideas you can try, using a cake or pastry stand.



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