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A Springtime Bridal Shower Luncheon Hosted by Mom!

Spring bridal shower

Spring is all about newness and looking ahead. What a perfect atmosphere for sending off your daughter, the bride, with a bridal shower luncheon imbued with the freshness of the season! Host an intimate gathering that says “hello” to spring with a cheery, yet elegant color palette of yellow and orange infused with green hues. Set it in a cozy venue, just perfect for a group of 8 or so. Then, charm your guests with scrumptious, light party fare plus the prettiest shower favors to take home.

How to pull this off? Take some tips from us for a springtime bridal shower party your daughter will surely love.

Select An Elegant Venue with a Cozy Feel for Your Daughter’s Shower

With a guest list of just family members and closest friends, intimate is the ambiance to aim for. Look around for a venue such as a covered patio overlooking a garden, or a quaint restaurant with an open veranda. Or why not transform your own dining room into a charming party nook, cast in soft light and springtime colors? Then, in keeping with the cozy set-up, you can opt for a buffet style dining arrangement instead of a formal sit-down meal. Here, your guests take their food from a buffet table and then sit around a coffee table setting. This relaxed approach makes for more intimate conversation and allows everyone to enjoy the fond memories that this family affair is sure to evoke.

Craft Festive Party Tables Inspired by Spring

citrusy spring colors in green, orange, and yellow for a spring time bridal shower party

Whether you opt for a sit-down luncheon or a buffet style approach, have your table display painted in bright and cheery spring colors. For eye-catching spring table centerpieces, for instance, present yellow and orange flowers like tulips and oncidium orchids in simple glass bowls. You can also employ less expensive blooms, like carnations and marigolds, for an equally attractive look. The key is to use springtime hues inspired by natural elements.

Fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes are another creative way to bring spring to the table setting. They not only lend a citrus-like fragrance to the table, but they also add a feeling of freshness. You can even combine flowers and fruits by adding sliced lemons to a glass pitcher filled with pretty blooms!

As for the tableware, white may seem ordinary but it presents a crisp, clean look when the plates are laid down against this bold palette of colors. A tablecloth in soft peach and petite flowerpots of ivory roses also temper the hues of orange, yellow, and green. To see a more detailed display, read “Salute a Summer Wedding with a Citrus Theme Table Setting.”

Say “Many Thanks” with Springtime Garden-Inspired Favors


“April showers bring May flowers.” What better inspiration could you have, then, for guest favors than a springtime garden all abloom? Here, we’ve set out lovely flower-shaped sachets in chartreuse and apricot silk as special, little gifts for your guests.

Create delightful edible favors by filling the sachets with petite candies such as jelly beans, M&Ms® in pastel colors, or citrus-flavored crystal candies. You can also make these into scented favors by giving potpourri infused with the scents of lemon verbena or lavender. To present the sachets, you may set one atop each place setting as we’ve done here, or arrange them in a beautiful straw basket decorated with ribbons. If you choose the latter, the favor-filled basket can double up as your table centerpiece as well.

Giving something sentimental for your daughter? See our sentimental gift ideas from the mother of the bride.

Serve Light & Refreshing Food and Drinks


This is a springtime luncheon after all. So, the ideal menu for the occasion is light, flavorful, and of course, healthy! Start off with crusty bread bowls of onion soup, followed by quiche lorraine and grilled chicken panini sandwiches, with an organic salad of mixed greens on the side, served with a tangy raspberry vinaigrette. See our post on a springtime shower menu!

For drinks, try citrus cocktails such as bellinis, mojitos, mimosas, or iced lemonade infused with limoncello liqueur. Then set up a dessert display consisting of a light lemon chiffon cake filled with mascarpone cheese and topped with buttercream icing, along with flower-shaped tea cookies and cupcakes frosted in pretty pastels. Offer lemon or cherry-flavored sorbets, too—sure hits for being oh-so-refreshing plus friendly to the waistline!

Party checklist

Ready to plan this party, Mom? Here is a party planning checklist of what we’ve covered:

1. Bring in a spring color palette in bright to pastel shades of orange and yellow, and varied green hues.

2. Select a quaint and cozy venue, whether in your favorite restaurant or even your own home.

3. Create festive tables bursting with colorful floral and/or fruit centerpieces, tempered by pure white dinnerware and ivory accents.

4. Give elegant spring favors for this all-ladies luncheon such as pretty flower-shaped sachets filled with candy or potpourri.

5. Keep in the spirit of spring with light yet flavorful food and drinks.


  1. Melissa (mom of the bride)

    I just love these bright & cheery table setting ideas–perfect for spring! If my daughter’s shower motif isn’t in yellows & oranges, though, do you have that flower-shaped sachet in other colors, too?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! We have the sachets in color combos of pink and lilac and blue and silver! Here is a link to the product page:

  3. What a great idea for mom! It’s quite helpful to find this article!

    ~From Mother of the Bride (summer 2009)

  4. feels so citrusy spring clean!

  5. I came across this article when my god daughter emailed it to me. I am actually hosting a shower for her this April and I want to make it extra special. Those pretty little sachets are going to be the favors. I’m going to place custom M&Ms with her name on it.

  6. For a pretty favor with a delicious twist, we are baking up flower shaped cookies and then topping them with colorful icing in spring time pastel colors. Then we are using some embroidered gift bags to present them!

  7. These are perfect ideas! I am hosting a You are my Sunshine Baby shower lots of yellows and oranges. All colors the Momma to be loves!

  8. Can just imagine how cheery that baby shower will be, Susan! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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