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A Unique and Unusual Mardi Gras Party Table {Part 3}

Royalty-inspired theme

We had a great time showcasing two distinct Mardi Gras-themed tablescapes in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. The first featured an opulent purple and gold setting by The Tablescaper, while the second showed a fun and flamboyant styling approach by Oh My! Creative.

Here in Part 3, we share another unique Mardi Gras party table we found at Perch New Orleans. This example of restrained revelry uses an unexpected color scheme, and references “carnival royalty” through iconic decorative accents. Take a look!

A Table Fit for Royalty by Perch New Orleans

Unique Mardi Gras table setting

We love how this tablescape takes a pleasant departure from the usual Mardi Gras color palette! Its salmon table cloth immediately sets a different mood for the occasion, although on closer inspection, the fun carnival references are still there. The decorative touches so cleverly worked into the setting are:

  1. crowns in King and Queen versions that would make fun party mementos
  2. pairs of candles with a classic harlequin pattern by each guest’s plate
  3. matchboxes with a fittingly regal “celebrate” label
  4. vintage decanters and goblets
  5. a fleur de lis-inspired pedestal that serves as a centerpiece

Now that you have these three creative settings to inspire you, we wish you happy Mardi Gras tablescaping!

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