Art-inspired Projects: Creative Bridal Shower Activities!

Crafty bridal shower party!

With all the buzz leading up to the wedding day, plan a welcome break for the bride and her BFFs with a unique Art-inspired Bridal Shower Party! Not only will it bring out the creative side of each guest, they also get to turn out artsy yet usable items to take home and enjoy. So, survey the selection of cool projects (with tutorials) we discovered that would make amazing bridal shower activities!

Artsy Projects as Ideas for Bridal Shower Activities

Bridal shower themes have gotten so imaginative in recent years! But with these art-inspired projects we discovered, we instantly saw how perfect they would be for going beyond the usual bridal shower activity.

Art-inspired projects for a creative bridal shower activity!

From wall art to notecards to mason jars to coasters to jewelry, there’s so much to love in these artsy crafts! Click on each link for a full tutorial or an easy how-to.

1 – Mondrian Mason Jars – How cool to transform Ball jars into artistic vases or tea light holders a la Piet Mondrian! See the special technique shown on Mason Jar Crafts Love.

2 – Marble Coasters – This project from Sisoo takes more time and uses special materials. But what a lovely outcome!

3 – DIY Tissue Paper Watercolor Mug – Recall the “op art” trend with this fun project from I Spy DIY that turns out colorful cups and mugs.

4 – DIY Painted Wooden Bead Necklace – Your guests will be thrilled to model their own handcrafted necklaces, based on Laura Linebarger’s great tutorial featured on Think Make Share.

5- Watercolor Wall Art – Each guest can take home her own original wall art made from snippets of watercolor discards, following this how-to by Kate Bullen.

6 – Quick Handmade Watercolor Notecards – You’ll all love this pretty and practical craft we spotted at 100 Directions. Bundle up sets of finished cards for each guest to take as favors!

7 – Watercolor Art Spring Printable – “Cheat” a little by having printables ready for the ladies to turn into charming watercolor art, as seen on 100 Directions.

8 – Sharpie Tile Art – Check out this chic version of our childhood art doodles, spotted via Hello Wonderful. We couldn’t locate the tutorial, but it’s pretty self-explanatory…and sure to be fun!

9 – Decoupage Bottles – Have your guests make their very own vases to decorate using the fun technique of decoupage. See Bellenza’s post for the DIY.

10 – Centerpieces – Create table centerpieces using colorful paper. See Bellenza’s tutorial.

Ready to surprise the bride with a wedding shower featuring one of these art-inspired projects? Or have you come up with a similar activity of your own? Do share it with us below!

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