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Beer Bars at a Wedding: Cool & Creative Display Ideas!

Beer weddings. Photo by Sweet Little Photographs (now The Melideos)

Have you considered a beer bar for your wedding reception? Sounds like a fabulous idea to us—especially if you’ll be having an outdoor venue with a rustic-country, barn, ranch, or even nautical theme! You’ll see what we mean with this sampling of truly creative ways to set up a beer bar we found from real weddings. Your guests will think you are so cool!

Ideas for Setting Up a Wedding Beer Bar

Ideas for Setting Up a Wedding Beer Bar! Don't know what to do? Get these creative ideas now!

The key lies in presentation (doesn’t it always?)! How to display your beer selection in a way that’s easily self-serve for everyone, keeps the beverage ice cold, and forms an eye-catching part of the reception decor, too. So depending on your chosen wedding theme and location, check out these great ideas we found.

Bottle-free! – One serving option would be to forgo individual bottles entirely. Instead, assemble a station that has the beer ‘on tap’ (1)—great if you’re offering guests a selection to choose from—or a stand holding 2 to 3 wooden kegs (6), perhaps from a popular local brewery.

A Little Bit Country – The perfect rustic look can be created with beer barrels (3), bales of hay, or tree stumps serving as the base for your bar counter. You could complement this with mason jar ‘beer mugs,’ or pull a surprise with fancy goblets or flutes to contrast with the country scene!

Unique Containers – If you’re opting for a casual grab-your-own-bottle approach, make the display containers real ‘conversation pieces.’ Think old-fashioned garden wheelbarrow (4), galvanized iron buckets (5), or even a vintage bath tub (2)!

Or for a true show-stopper at a nautical-themed or lakeside reception, why not a full-size canoe (7), kayak, or wooden rowboat? Just pile in lots of ice and add the beer bottles early to chill!

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  1. What a fun idea and this is perfect for weddings and possibly some fundraiser events as well.

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