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Boo! It’s a Glam Witch-themed Bridal Shower for Halloween

Witch glam tablescape // styled shoot by Bellenza

The Halloween season here, and so is a dear friend’s bridal shower you’re planning. Now’s your chance to brew a glamorous bridal shower theme that no one is likely to expect—”Bewitched” in a palette of red, black, and metallic hues!

To begin with, who plans a spooky motif for a gathering that’s normally lighthearted, sentimental, and sweet? Well, apparently you do! And what fun it can be with all the bride’s dearest friends gathered together to wish her well—surrounded by fittingly chilling party decorations, of course. Would you like some ideas you can conjure up in a snap? Here are a few to get you under the spell of the occasion!

Prepare a Witchy Welcome

At the entryway to the bridal shower venue, assemble a welcome display that’s meant to give guests a thrilling glimpse of the night’s festivities. Take a large mirror and write out your welcome message in red poster paint or even scarlet lipstick! Ours says “Be Witched” and is edged with some free-hand scroll designs and tiny hearts. But you can certainly think of your own spooky greeting.

Witchy mirror for Halloween // styled shoot by Bellenza

Bunch up some red or fuchsia fabric to make decorative poufs at the top and bottom of the mirror. Hint: You could opt to use red paper flowers or even oversized red velvet bows instead. Surround the mirror with a whole array of candles, ranging from slender tapers to large pillar ones. Place these in ornate silver and glass candle holders, and embellish them with sparkly crystals and beads. Add black paper cutouts of pumpkins, cats, crescent moons, witches’ hats, and the like for a bit of witchy whimsy.

Finally, just as the guests arrive, light all the candles and dim the entryway lights. Or shut them off completely!

Bathe the Scene in Candle Glow

At the party venue itself, you will of course need some room lighting. But again keep it dim and use candles, candles, and more candles to provide that romantic, yet bewitching ambiance.

Beaded tapers for a Halloween tablescape // styled shoot by Bellenza

When choosing candles to use, go with just one color—we suggest all white—but in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Set these out on vintage glass candelabra, silver candle holders with different ornate designs, and sparkly candle plates with pearls. To bathe the whole place in candle glow, position the candles not just on the guest tables but on side tables, window sills, along the floor, and even up a stairway. And to add to the overall enchantment, have glittery touches all over, like crystals, sequins, pearls, and glass beads.

Spooky candlescape for Halloween // styled shoot by Bellenza

Create a Goth Glam Tablescape

On the party table itself, continue to play up the spooky vibe with a black lace runner setting off white dinnerware. Atop each place setting, place favor sachets containing homemade glass beaded coasters (that are also part of the table decor!). In place of a floral centerpiece, assemble an assortment of antique-style accent pieces, such as fancy candle holders and ornate framed mirrors used as trays. And for the toast to the bride-to-be, have stemmed wine glasses adorned with tassel charms and standing on bead-encrusted coasters.

Create a Goth Glam Tablescape // styled shoot by Bellenza.

Plan a Bewitched Beauty Session

Plan a Bewitched Beauty Session // styled shoot by Bellenza.

Every bridal shower should have a fun activity in keeping with its theme. So for this Halloween gathering, why not organize a “beauty session” using vintage dresser accessories and fancily packaged cosmetics? Perfect for this would be mirrors in gold frames and elaborate gilt stands, decorative lipstick holders, and fancy tissue box cases. And for surprise makeover goodies, present guests with pretty powder compacts and lipsticks in lovely gift pouches.

Witch glam favors

More Fab Favor Ideas


You’ve already seen our suggested guest favors above! But here are some more ideas with a “bewitched” motif that you can consider:

  1. Vintage-style favor bags holding traditional Halloween treats like candy corn, gummy worms, Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins, and orange M&Ms.
  2. Fancy jeweled brooches in Halloween designs like black cats, jack-o-lanterns, witch hats, and spiders.
  3. Bunches of crimson roses (fresh ones would be nice!) tied with black velvet bows.
  4. Scarlet scarves packaged in black lace pouches—great for the chilly autumn weather.
  5. Bottles of cranberry juice with fun customized labels saying “witch’s brew”!

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