Bridal Shower Activities: Creative, Clever, and Fun!

Bridal shower activities ideas

Looking for something different from the usual bridal shower games and gift opening? Well, aren’t we all lucky that some creative planners have these fab ideas they’ve used at actual showers they’ve hosted! Some are interactive to get the guests in a fun mood. Others are crafty projects that match the party theme…or end up at the wedding (you’ll see what we mean!). But all are great fun!

6 Bridal Shower Activities: From Interactive to Crafty

Planning a Bridal Shower? Make it Fun with Bridal Shower Activities From Interactive to Crafty!

Check out which of these would be perfect for your bride-honoree!

1 – Who Knows Our Bride Best? Having guests answer trivia questions about the bride is a pretty common game at bridal showers. But when you see this entire ‘Retro Housewife Bridal Shower’ from Scheme Events (images: Elizabeth Le Photography), you’ll be grabbing that fun idea…and lots more!

2 – Decorated Tin Cans for the Getaway Car – That’s right! These cuties are empty tin cans all dolled up by the shower guests, to be later tied onto the getaway car after the wedding! Love this fun notion from Em for Marvelous.

3 – Guess Who’s Celebrity Kitchen – If you’ll be throwing a baking or cooking-themed shower, this printable activity from Box Games, via Amandita Designs would be perfect. Guests get to match photos of kitchens with the names of celebrities they belong to!

4 – Apron Game – Have the bride-to-be wear an apron laden with kitchen gadgets and accessories, walk around the room, then leave so guests can jot down as many items as they can remember! Such a fun variation on our childhood ‘memory game,’ discovered on Pear Tree Greetings.

5 – Apron Decorating – Don’t you just love practical activities…that end up this pretty, too? For a “Sew in Love” themed shower we found via Bridal Guide, each guest table was provided with a sewing kit to decorate aprons for the honoree!

6 – Recipe for a Good Marriage – All you need are inexpensive wooden spoons and a bunch of Sharpie markers. And you have a neat way for friends and family to pass on words of advice for the happy couple! A simple and sweet idea we spotted on Sweet C’s Designs.

We found more! Other enjoyable and entertaining activities to choose from:

Inspire us all, too, with a bridal shower activity you’ve done or are planning! Tell us about it in a comment below.

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