Bring Back the Roaring 20s: An Elegant Flapper Era Wedding

Flapper era wedding

Recreating the fashion style and Art Deco aura of the 1920s is already such a dream. But add to that the romance of a period train station setting, and you’ve definitely got bygone era wedding magic! And like any magical moment, the trick lies in creating the illusion of being transported back in time to the genteel world of luxury train travel. Pack your bags, then (vintage suitcases, of course!). We hear the station master calling, “All aboard!”

Flapper era 1920s wedding decorations, cake, and inspiration board

1 – If you can manage to reserve a function room at an actual train station for your reception, that would be absolutely fantastic! It may not necessarily date back to the 1920s, but it could have all the interior details like wood paneling, tiled floors, frosted glass doors, chandeliers. Much like the beautiful Knoxville L&N Station featured on The Plunge Project.

2 – The 1920s were all about glamor and fashion! What could be more fitting than this absolutely gorgeous cake that appears to be patterned after a flirty flapper dress, found on Cakes Decor made by Sweet T & Cake from Australia. Don’t you just love the jeweled accents of chandelier earrings and a tiara on this exquisite creation?

3 – The bride and her wedding party must have that ‘Orient Express era’ look. So do visit sites like Love My Dress for some fabulous inspiration for 1920s dress styles, headpieces, and other accessories. This particular train station wedding shoot they featured, for instance, showcases three different bridal looks, captured by Aston & Ainsworth Photography. Check out the vintage gorgeousness!

4 – Table numbers and other decorative accents allow you to create some more 1920s magic. Note the Art Deco style font and graphics on the number card and that darling miniature speakeasy radio. You must visit the full post on Lamb & Blonde that features this entire 1920s styled wedding shoot by Natalie Shelton. Be prepared to swoon!

5 – Your centerpieces can go non-floral just this once, since a theme like this has so many fascinating details to style with. Take this antique camera (looks like a bookend, don’t you think?) on a stack of vintage books, that we found via Brittany Erwin Photography. Just tie on a bit of dainty lace and drape on a strand a pearls. Vintage chic right there!

6 – What would a train station wedding be without some vintage suitcases on display, right? They could hold the guests’ wishes or greetings for the newlyweds, as shown in this image from a 1920s garden wedding on Love My Dress. Or they could grace the reception entryway, the drinks bar, or the cake and dessert buffet.

7 – You’ve got to have some sparkle for the flapper style. So a rhinestone-encrusted lily bridal cuff like this one handmade by Stella’s Design on etsy would be just the thing! Can you imagine the breathtaking glitz of an accessory like this in all those hand photos at the wedding?

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  1. What a lovely roundup of Gatsby-inspired booty

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