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Brown + Teal Get Paired Up for a Beautiful Fall Wedding!

Brown and teal wedding colors

If you’ve been following our Fall Wedding Palettes series, we’re delighted to have you back! This is our fourth post in this series, and it’s on a color duo we’ve featured once before: beautiful Brown + Teal.

We couldn’t help but think ‘dark chocolate’ when we gathered the images for this stylish palette. It’s the perfect deep, rich hue to pair with striking teal to create a good-enough-to-eat color combo for fall! So we’re thrilled to have you along as we test this recipe that blends brown, an old favorite for the season, with this ultra-trendy shade of blue for an autumn wedding look that’s both cozy and chic. Yum!

Brown + Teal: A Visual Treat for Autumn Weddings

Teal and brown fall wedding with chocolate brown invitations in a box, a gorgeous tablesetting with birdcages, and teal bridesmaids' dresses.

Brown may not exactly be the top-of-mind color choice for couples planning a wedding—even for fall. But if you think along the lines of a chocolate theme for this chilly time of year, then the possibilities of brown turn quite delectable. And when you see wedding elements in this color snazzed up with touches of teal—like the lovely examples below—then you know you’re on to a delicious visual treat for your nuptials!

An eye-catching way to introduce your wedding palette is through your invitations. Special packaging, like this chocolate-brown box and fancy teal bow, is sure to make guests sit up and take notice!

Once they arrive at your reception, greet them with a formal escort card table draped in a brown table cloth with teal-edged cards arranged in smart rows. Don’t you just love the simple, yet striking use of ribbon to mark each row?

Teal-colored bridesmaids’ dresses with a satiny sheen are very flattering for all skin tones, and would provide a sophisticated contrast to your bridal gown in white or ivory.

Continue the palette with charming table settings, making the most of the warmth of brown and the boldness of teal—all softened by white china and pretty centerpieces, like these vintage-style birdcages.

Finally, send guests off with some of that same cozy feeling, via favors of hot cocoa mix in mason jars delightfully packaged in brown and teal, too.

These are just five ways you can apply this appealing brown and teal palette at a wedding. But we’re sure they’ve gotten you inspired to dream up many more!

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Bride and bridesmaids – Nancy Ray Photography, via Southern Weddings
Table setting – Katelyn James Photography
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