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Budget-Friendly Tips for Saving on Your Wedding Videos!

Tips to Save on Your Wedding Videos

Thanks to the wide array of portable video camera options, brides and grooms are now able to save on their wedding videography now more than ever before! But before you take the plunge on deciding to shoot your own wedding videos, we’ve come up with some practical tips to consider for saving on your videos or almost doing it yourself.

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Helpful Tips for Saving on Your Wedding Videos!

Infographic for How to Save on Your Wedding Videos by Bellenza.

  1. Rent or borrow equipment. If you’re thinking of renting a branded camera like a Nikon, Canon, Sony, or GoPro, you can rent them from places like Borrowlenses.com. They offer a few wedding rental packages covering a set period of 7 days that vary by the equipment and accessories options.
  2. Have guests take videos for you. It’s a great interactive option that adds more meaning to the event. You can have your videos taken by your guests through Wedflik.com that offers HD video cameras for you to use. Once you’ve returned the cameras, they will edit the videos for you. The final product is a professionally edited video.
  3. Hire an amateur or film student. Perhaps a budding director exists in your circle of friends or family. Be sure to have them take many sample video shots for you long before the wedding so that you can collaborate on the approach for the actual shoot.
  4. Opt for an integrated wedding package wherein you can rent the equipment, use an app for gathering videos, and have the final product edited by professionals. Wedding Mix has a variety of different packages available. These packages vary from simple app features without equipment and accessories to sophisticated usage of their app, including the use of equipment, accessories, and the creation of a DVD in a premium case.
  5. Use a smartphone to shoot the wedding for a budget-friendly option! Virtually everyone has a device like an Apple iPhone. You can try the following iPhone apps: WeddingMix, WedPics, and Eversnap.
  6. Purchase used equipment. Save by buying second hand top-brand photography and video equipment, then have an amateur photo/videographer use these on your wedding day. You can explore many options for used equipment on the web (see some sites at the end of the post for links). Then, you’ll have great memory-capturing equipment for years to come!
  7. Buy new gear, but at a discount. Depending on when you plan to buy the camera(s), there are many online retail specials available throughout the year. Follow online retailers’ sites to receive notifications when a promo is offered.
  8. Be sure to include photos in your wedding video. It’s great to vary the content with photos taken by guests, especially candid ones. They make a great backup plan just in case your videos aren’t up to snuff in terms of quality.
  9. Have guests take photos and videos, then upload them to their Instagram or Facebook accounts using your designated wedding hashtag. Then, you just need to contract a professional editor to retrieve the tagged files and put them all together into a pro-looking wedding video.
  10. Get your bridesmaids and groomsmen involved!Using their own smartphones, have these ladies and gents serve as on-the-scene photo/videographers—from the bride and groom pre-ceremony prep time, to the walk down the aisle, to guest shots, to the ceremony program, dancing and send-off!

You can find many examples on Youtube.com of videos taken using the services and video cameras mentioned in the above tips. Here are a few to check out:

For finding used equipment:

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