Coffee Themed Wedding: Ideas for a Vintage-Inspired Reception!

Chalk calligraphy menu. Photo credit: Plurabelle Calligraphy

Ah, coffee! The aroma, the flavor, the entire experience is almost sacred for all the coffee lovers out there. So, envisioning a dream setting for a wedding reception with a coffee theme led us to the rich, cozy ambiance of an Old World coffee shop. Think wood paneling, upholstered seats, vintage decanters and fine china cups. And to help you recreate this scene, we gathered images and ideas of the key elements that capture the look, feel, and yes almost the flavor and aroma of coffee!

Be Inspired to Plan an Elegant Coffee Theme Reception

Coffee themed wedding ideas

1 – The invitations – Play around with the idea of ‘love is brewing’ or ‘the perfect blend’ as in this invitation suite by Invitation Crush. The fold-out design and modern fonts make an interesting contrast with the vintage event you have planned!

2 – Chalkboard signage – Continue the coffee shop look with a charming chalkboard sign featuring hand calligraphy—inspired by this example from Plurabelle Calligraphy.

3 – A themed escort card displayRibbon Box Events offers a neat idea for propping up your escort cards in wooden boxes filled with coffee beans.

4a and 4b – Vintage coffee service sets – Now for the fancy stuff! Keep the occasion truly special by using an antique-style coffee service and lovely trays for presenting china cups and delicious pastries (Nature Insider), plus graceful silver decanters (Bethany Belle) to serve each guest in style.

Coffee may be the star of the celebration—next, of course, to the happy newlyweds! But do keep the food, desserts, and favors all ‘in color’ and ‘in theme’ as well.

5 – Fancy pastries – Elegant mini desserts would be just the thing for guests to enjoy between sips of piping hot coffee. Take a tip from My Sweet and Saucy and serve them in gold baking cups and on amber-colored pastry stands for a truly rich display!

6 – Vintage-style wedding cake – Your cake, too, should be in keeping with the ambiance. Think ‘modern vintage’ as in this creation, featured on Nanette York, in a lovely coffee-colored fondant finish.

7 – Your favorite blend as favors – Give guests a flavorful memory of your special day, by giving packages of coffee as favors. We love these ones available from Apropos Roasters—not only can you choose among several coffee varieties, but you can request a customized hand-stamp to decorate the quaint packaging!

8 – Flavored syrups – Want to amp up the coffee experience a bit? Offer Da Vinci Gourmet Classic flavored syrups, available from Highlander Coffee, to add something a little different to each cup.

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  1. I’m having this theme for a breakfast reception! Thanks for the lovely ideas!

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