Country Chic! Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Fall squash table decoration

How can anyone resist the charms of a chic, country-style wedding? An occasion like this—with its organic colors and heartwarming (often handmade) decor—is an easy favorite for everyone! And even better, nearly all of the decorative accents can be gathered on an autumn stroll through a nearby forested area or even your own backyard. A great plus, if you’re watching your budget. Think twigs, bark, vines, leaves, dried grass, berries, nuts, even fruits! Need some inspiration? We’re happy to oblige. Read on!

Use Bark for Some Woodland Whimsy

Fall squash table decoration

Think of an alternative ring pillow! Obtain strips of tree bark from a birch, maple, or oak tree and transform them into creative decor pieces! Here, we used one as a unique “ring pillow” by tying the wedding band on with a length of raffia. You could craft dozens of other accent pieces using similar woodsy elements.

  1. Small tree stumps could be sawed into stands for your dessert table goodies or your guest book display.
  2. Fallen tree branches could be arranged into quaint centerpieces adorned with gingham and lace bows, or combined with sprigs of wheat or pussy willows.
  3. Discarded twigs could be formed into little nests for holding votive or taper candles.

Create Table Elements from Forest Finds

Fall menu card with twigs

On that very same walk through the woods, you could discover even more decorative elements. Just think of the possibilities using dried leaves of all shapes and colors, vines, pebbles, and seed pods. Our examples show combinations of these used for napkin accents, a rustic menu card, and a twig-framed table number. But you could do even more!

  1. Craft seed pods into little stands for escort cards or buffet labels.
  2. Use pebbles to half-fill cylinder vases and provide a base for tea lights.
  3. Adorn the stems of wine glasses with shapely dried leaves tied on with twine.

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Make Mini Vine Wreaths for Chair Decor

Mini wreath chair decorations

What about going country with your chair accents? Here, we fashioned a woody vine into a miniature wreath and had it serve a second purpose as a place card holder as well. Other ideas using vines?

  1. Form vines into an overhead centerpiece aglow with tiny fairy lights.
  2. String them into garlands decorated with dried flowers and ribbons, gracing the entryway to the reception.
  3. Have them serve as perches for darling little birds made with country-print fabrics, and display these throughout the venue.

Assemble Centerpieces as Charming Vignettes Out of Nature Finds

Squash centerpiece with berries

To add interest to your tables, why not create little vignettes for your centerpieces of what you’d expect in a country cottage? For our setting, we formed a grouping of a mini squash topped with a bunch of faux berries and paired with pillar and votive candles. Assemble your own, taking cues from these ideas:

  1. Ears of corn bunched together with wheat stalks
  2. Interesting varieties of squash (butternut, orange minikin, golden nugget and gem squash) arranged in a basket, together with cucumbers and zucchini
  3. Fall season fruits such as apples and pears displayed in bowls with walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds

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Prepare Country-pretty Place Settings

Country-style place setting for wedding

Greet each guest with a rustic place setting that incorporates natural elements in style! We kept ours simple with a classic white plate on a wooden charger, and a rolled napkin accented with a twisted wire ring and a trio of autumn leaves. What other place setting accents do we suggest?

  1. Dining plates on wood or cork chargers
  2. Napkin rings crafted from twine, burlap, or raffia
  3. Table numbers embellished with pumpkin seeds, beans, corn kernels and wheat grains
  4. Place cards made out of acorns, pine cones, stones, or mini pumpkins
  5. Mini wheat stalks tied together with twine or a gold cord

Send Guests Off with Scrumptious Goodies

Country inspired wedding favors

Finally, a country-style wedding is one occasion to really show off your love of the country! So caramel apples with an added coating of candy sprinkles, like ours shown here, are sure to be a hit. Other yummy options to consider:

  1. Single-serve pies with fillings like cherry, apple, and pumpkin spice
  2. Custom candy and nut mixes in fall flavors like caramel, cinnamon, and mocha
  3. Coffee beans presented in burlap or muslin bags
  4. Mason jars filled with homemade pickles, chutney, marmalade, honey, jam or jelly
  5. Pumpkin-flavored treats – see more ideas
  6. Homemade goodies made with maple syrup – see more ideas

Don’t these ideas just make you excited to plan your own wedding around this theme? And why not? Styling the occasion is as easy as a stroll in the park or a visit to your backyard!

Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas in a Palette!

Now that you’ve read the tips and ideas above, we’ve put together a palette where it all comes together!

Rustic fall wedding inspiration from Bellenza

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  1. I guess you can just walk into an autumn forest and find stuff for your wedding! I can see how you can find bark and twigs, including leaves! Very budget-friendly!

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