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Creative Ideas for Dressing Up Your Wedding Chairs!

Fall mini wreath on chair

Dress your party chairs at the reception with the most personal and fashionable details! Here are 4 creative approaches for decorating party chairs based on a theme. The list of other possibilities and their variations could go on and on, of course. But we hope to get you excited enough to run with these ideas—all the way to your own themed wedding!

A Grown-up “Snow White” Theme for a Winter Wedding

Black and red decorations for a snow white wedding theme

Considering the animated classic “Snow White” for a different kind of wedding theme? Give it an adult spin with a blood red and black color palette, highlighted with gold. As party favors, give bright red apples—either fresh or candied—wrapped up in scarlet tissue paper. And as trays for the party fare, use ornately framed mirrors like the wicked witch’s magical one! No Seven Dwarfs, cute bunnies, or handsome princes at this party, we’re afraid.

Party chair treatment: Take gold Tiffany chairs and tie crimson cabbage roses to their backrests with giant bows of black satin ribbon. Leave the ribbon ends hanging down to the floor for added drama. Note: This same look would be perfect for a “Twilight” theme as well!

A Jungle Safari Adventure Theme for the Summer

Leaf decorations on chair for a safari themed wedding

For the bride and groom with a passion for outdoor adventure, why not consider a jungle safari theme? Go for a sophisticated “jungle look”—minus the predictable zebra stripes or leopard prints! Plan a palette revolving around organic tones of green, brown, straw, and ivory; and set out decorative accents made from natural materials.

Party chair treatment: Create arrangements of 3 to 4 large fresh leaves with interesting shapes and color variations. Add a splash of vibrant orange with a bird of paradise bloom. Tie each arrangement together with raffia fiber, then attach these to the backs of the chairs with the same fiber. Hint: For a rustic, outdoors-y look, leave the raffia untrimmed and allow the loose ends to hang freely.See our full step-by-step how-to on creating these leafy chair decorations.

A Vintage Wedding with Glamorous Details

Pearl strands as chair decorations for a vintage glam wedding

Vintage glam is all the rage in the weddings nowadays! Add strands of pearls and sweet pink ribbons to the reception chairs for a glamorously feminine look.

“Pearls” party chair treatment: Measure out strands of faux pearls to form 8 sections, each one slightly longer than the one before it. Secure both ends of the sections by twisting wire around them. Continue making more 8-section sets of pearls, until you have a set for every chair. Form large bows out of pink satin ribbon—2 for each chair. Then, using wire, attach the pearl strands to the chair backs, and add the satin ribbons to conceal the wire. As a finishing touch, let extra lengths of pink satin ribbon drape down gracefully behind each chair.

A Rustic Fall Wedding with Nature-Inspired Elements

Fall chair decorations using twigs and branches

Adding elements from your backyard could not be easier! Think of brilliant fall leaves, wheat stalks, pine cones strung together, or fall berries as chair decorations. Consider mixing and matching these elements to create a unique arrangement! In keeping with a rustic fall look, you can also add fabric swags made of burlap.

Party chair treatment: Take grapevine stems or other similar woody vines, with all leaves removed. Soften the stems by soaking them in water. Once they’re more pliable, you can then shape them into a round wreath. Spruce them up with a personal touch by adding place cards!

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