Creative Wedding Cakes that Match Your Invitations: Pure Inspiration!

When your wedding cakes matches your invitation style and colors

This will call for advance planning. But here is a cool styling idea for your wedding—having your wedding invitations and your cake echo the same motif and colors! You could work with your stationery supplier or search online for customizable invitation designs that capture your wedding palette, theme, and the look and feel of the season and venue of your upcoming nuptials. Then, have your cake designer recreate those same elements on your wedding cake!

For inspiration, we’ve gathered 21 invitation and cake pairings (and had a blast finding the match-ups, too!) to show you the creative possibilities. Five each for spring, summer, fall, and winter weddings! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Spring Wedding Inspiration: Matching Invitations and Cake

This season calls for elements that celebrate freshness and nature! Think flowers and greenery and soft to bright colors for your invites and cake. But don’t hesitate to go for modern touches, too, if you wish—like geometrics and a marbled or metallic effect. See our 5 pairings below.

1 – Spring Florals

Spring Florals Gardenias
Floral Gardenia Invitation: Alisa Bobzien /Cake: Sweet Heather Ann

2 – Geometric / Hexagonal / Honeycomb

Geometric / Hexagonal Honeycomb

Telling Tales cake: Gateaux Inc. / Honeycomb invitation suite: Amy Zaroff Events, via Gateaux Inc.

3 – Ethnic Motif: Korean

Ethnic Motif: Korean

Tiered cake with Korean bride and groom topper: Papercake Designs /
Modern blue and orange invitation: Papercake Designs

4 – Marble Grey

Marbled grey cake and invitation
Classic Marble Wedding Invitation: Peach Paper Design /Tiered Marble Cake: Alliance Bakery

5 – Succulents + Geometric

Succulents + Geometric cake and wedding invitation
Cake with hexagon border and succulent topper: Artisan Cake Company / Stylish Succulent Wedding Invitation: Zazzle

Summer Wedding Inspiration: Matching Invitations and Cake

This sunny season also celebrates nature, but in a more outdoorsy way. There’s inspiration from a cool nautical scene in blue geometrics, or a balmy beach setting with tropical blooms. Zesty citrus and berry motifs are lovely, too—as well as the starry summer night sky!

1 – Modern Geometric with a Coastal Vibe

Modern Geometric with a Coastal Vibe

Watercolor Geometric Triangles Modern Wedding Invitation: Zazzle / Modern Blue Ombre Geometric Cake: Party Flavors Custom Cakes, via The Knot

2 – Tropical Plumeria

Tropical Plumeria cake and invitation
Plumeria Frangipani Tropical Wedding Invitation: Zazzle / “Claycraft” plumeria flowers for the cake topper, bouquet, and boutonnieres: DK Designs

3 – Citrus Style

Citrus Style cake and invitation

Printable Citrus Invitations: Lia Griffith /Cake with Orange Slice Designs: Honey Love Cakery

4 – Berries with a Rustic Vibe

Rustic boho with berries cake and invitation

Boho Chic Summer Berries Wedding Invitation: Zazzle /Rustic Naked Berry Cake: B. Michelle Bakeshop

5 – Galaxy or Starry Night

Galaxy and starry night theme cake and invitation

Starry Sky Wedding Suite: Knotted Design, via Creative Market / Midnight Dreamers Galaxy Wedding Cake: Cakes Elevated

Fall Wedding Inspiration: Matching Invitations and Cake

This is the time for deep, rich hues inspired by vineyard or winery settings, as well as jewel tones like purple, magenta, amethyst, and ruby. For an autumn woodland theme, earthy tones and forest textures work best; while lush greenery evokes an elegant botanical effect. An ethnic spin like a modern Chinese motif can be captured in red and gold, with auspicious symbols added.

1 – Wine/Vineyard Theme

Copper and wine rose gold style
Bordeaux Vineyard Wedding Invitations: Sarah Wants (UK) / Copper and Wine Tiered Cake: Cake and Lace

2 – Rustic Woodland
Rustic woodland wedding cake and invitation
Enchanted Forest Wedding Invitation: Russet and Gray, via Not on the Highstreet / Autumn Forest Wedding Cake: Love Bash Design, via Artfully Wed

3 – Vintage Purple and Gold

Vintage purple and gold cake and invitation

Elegant Purple and Gold Wedding Invitation: Wedding Paperie /Towering purple and gold cake: via Elevee Events

4 –Botanical Style

Botanical modern cake and invitation

Modern Botanical Wedding Invitations: Oh So Beautiful Paper /Botanical Garden Painted Wedding Cake: Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop

5 – Modern Chinese

Modern Chinese red and white cake and wedding invitation
White and red tiered cake with “double happiness” topper: Via Two Little Birds Plan /Modern Chinese Wedding Invitation: Hello YVLW

Winter Wedding Inspiration: Matching Invitations and Cake

The wintry season has so many sentiments you can capture in your wedding invitation and cake designs. There’s the sophistication of silver and snowy white, softened by florals; the heartwarming charm of holiday plaid and red berries; the sparkle of Christmas balls and ornaments; the luxe look of deep wine hues paired with gold and yuletide greenery. Perhaps a modern take on stained glass using geometrics, or even the exuberance of a Moroccan theme in vibrant splashes of color!

1 – White Winter Florals

White winter florals wedding cake and invitation

Flowers on Shimmer Invitation: Carlson Craft /All-white Fantasy Wedding Cake: Connecticut Wedding Cakes

2 – Plaid/Tartan Style

Plaid, tartan wedding cake and invitation for Christmas
Tartan-themed Wedding Invitations: Lionheart Prints, via Wedding Venues UK /Tiered Cake with Plaid Layer: Cathy Huber, via Satin Ice

3 – Christmas Balls

Christmas balls cake and invitation

Silver, Gold, Red Christmas Balls Wedding Invitation: Zazzle /Wedding Cake with Cake Balls: Cakes for All UK

4 – Gold and Burgundy


Textured Gold and Burgundy Wedding Cakes Trio: Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop /Glam Cranberry Christmas Inspiration: Via The Celebration Society

5 – Stained Glass with Geometrics

Stained Glass with Geometrics in green and gold

Geometric Watercolor Wedding Invitations: Basic Invite /Modern Stained Glass Wedding Cake: Broadway Bakery

6 – Bright Moroccan Style

Bright Moroccan Style cake matching invitation with fuchsia, gold, and pink

Bright Colors Arabian Moroccan Wedding Invitations: Zazzle / Colorful Moroccan Wedding Cupcakes: Sarah’s Cake Kitchen

So, are you now mentally match-making your wedding invitations and wedding cake? If you are still undecided, check out our post on how to find your wedding cake style! Enjoy!

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