Deliciously Stylish: Food Stations for Outdoor Rustic Weddings!

Wine and Cheese Table. Photo from The Lovely Find (Megan Manus Photography)

Many of today’s weddings are now being styled as more casual and relaxed affairs. This means that the buffet style of food service is quite acceptable at receptions—along with its great little adjunct: the food station! We’ve been coming across some truly appealing examples of these stations, particularly at weddings held in barns or farmyards, in forest clearings or open fields, and right at home.

Not only are the food and drinks on display deliciously tempting, but the stations themselves are designed to be rustic-style vignettes in keeping with the surroundings and the season. The 10 finds we have here are sure to get you all excited to create similar setups at your own reception!

Delicious and Stylish! All in One!

Deliciously stylish ideas for food stations at outdoor rustic weddings from taco bars to wine and cheese displays to pie tables.

Food stations are actually like mini or ‘satellite’ buffets, if you will. Each one offers up a specific category of food items (appetizers, soups, salads, desserts), or even a whole array of color-coordinated candy! So the choice is entirely yours as to what to put on display, and how to decorate it.

Here are some options you might consider:

  1. Appetizers – A tempting assortment of dips (1) and spreads to put on toast bites, veggie sticks, mini quiches or croissants; or for something more filling, gourmet sausages, cold meats, smoked salmon, finger sandwiches, or devilled eggs
  2. Wine and cheese tables – A classic offering that always spells elegance and good taste: fine wines and cheeses (3, 5) paired with grapes, pears, and nuts
  3. Make-your-own servings – An array of ingredients and accompaniments for guests to make their own salads, pasta dishes, tacos (4), pizzas, or stuffed wraps
  4. Cakes, pies, and desserts – Aside from the main wedding cake display, a station serving baked goodies and sweets from candied or caramel apples (2) to cupcakes to pies to cookies (7) to macarons to cake pops to donuts; plus chilled desserts like ice creams, sorbets, or gelato
  5. Fruits, Berries, Nuts – Fresh fruits like grapes, pears, cherries, figs, strawberries (8), blueberries, raspberries; and walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds
  6. One-item stations – For a focused selection of treats, consider a station offering all popcorn (6), biscuits (9), or candy (10)

The Key is Always in the Presentation!

As always, presentation is key. So choose your serve ware with care. Wooden bowls, trays, and chopping or cheese boards are just the thing, along with woven baskets and earthenware vessels. Tree slices or slabs provide an outdoorsy feel, while packing crates and vintage boxes or drawers are great for adding height.

Table linens in neutral, earthy tones and textured fabrics like burlap are best, and can be softened with crocheted runners and paper doilies. And of course, who can deny the charm of fresh flowers, some greenery, and even candles to complete the display!

So now, which kind of food station will you have at your reception?

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