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Meet the Maids: DIY Display Ideas and Inspiration

DIY Ideas and Inspiration for a Meet the Maids

Have you heard of a “Meet the Maids” table at a bridal shower? It’s not always done, but what a sweet and fun idea it is, don’t you think? By creating a stylish display introducing your bridesmaids to your shower guests, it’s a thoughtful way to recognize these ladies’ love and support from wedding prep to wedding day! It’s basically a presentation of the bridesmaids’ photos; their relationship to you, the bride; and maybe some fun anecdotes about the two of you. Oh, and some couples had this at their rehearsal dinner, so that they could include a “Meet the Men” portion for their groomsmen, too!

“Meet the Maids” Display Ideas at Your Bridal Shower

Depending on your bridal shower theme and the space available at the venue, see these 7 creative display options we found. You could mount the photos and signs on recycled shutters, inside frames on a ledge, pinned to a length of twine along a wall, as a backdrop to the desserts buffet, and more!


Displays Using Frames

If your shower will have a rustic, farmhouse, or garden theme, see how your ladies’ photos can be presented in frames mounted on a recycled wooden palette (1), hung on strings inside a large empty frame (2), arranged “gallery wall style” on a wrought iron garden stand (3), or arranged on a ledge above your sweets or beverage table (4).

More Casual Displays with Cards

For an intimate bridal shower held in a home, you may prepare a simpler “Meet the Maids” setup without the need for frames. What about creating garlands out of the loose photos and the info and story cards (5) and attaching these to a board? If you have a free-standing panel divider (6), you can use that to mount mini photo posters about each bridesmaid.

Or if you’ll be having a pretty themed desserts and favors table, consider simply propping up a board holding your friends’ pics and writeups, and decorating it as part of the backdrop (7).

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