Easy Rosé Cocktails for your Summer Wedding Signature Drink!

Simple rosé cocktails

Ahhh! Rosé wines are beautiful onto themselves, but when you combine them with ingredients like gin, sparkling water, and fruit, the result is an alluring pink rosé cocktail. So gorgeous indeed! Why not turn it into your signature wedding drink! Serve it up with a light appetizer and your wedding cocktail hour is sure to be a hit.

5 Inspiring Rosé Cocktail Recipes for a Summer Wedding

Rosé wines are known to have a subtly sweet personality in terms of flavor. They are said to have hints of berries and grapefruit, which is what makes them popular among summer wedding receptions Let’s explore these 5 easy rosé cocktail recipes!

Rose wine cocktails for a signature wedding drink in the summer.

1 – Rosé and gin citrus cocktail as seen on Red Online UK. This simple recipe uses rose wine, gin, and lemons.

2 – Strawberry mint rose lemonade from Beautiful Booze. This recipe uses Anew Rosé wine and combines the flavors of lemonade and strawberries with a refreshing hint of mint. Garnish with a sprig of mint and strawberries.

3 – Raspberry rosé cocktail via Camille Styles uses gin, fresh raspberries, dried or fresh rose petals (pesticide free), sugar, water, and egg white. This recipe comes from Kristin Alexander, the founder of California-based Esoteric Events.

4 – A simple rosé cocktail from Monika Hibbs that makes use of sparkling lemonade and sliced lemons. Add your favorite Rosé wine and your drink is done! Some  wines mentioned with this recipe are La Bargemen Cuvée Marina, L’Orangeraie, and Les Trois Provence to name a few of them. Garnish with a delicate pink rose, sliced lemon, and line glass rims with pink sprinkles.

5 – Pamplemousse sangria as seen on Tory Burch. This cocktail recipe is by Masahiro Urushido of Saxon + Parole in New York. He uses Combier Pamplemousse Rose, dry rose wine, pink grapefruit juice, raspberry vinegar, Peychaud’s and grapefruit bitters, including Perrier, and prosecco! Serve with ice, garnishes of sliced fruits such as grapefruit and strawberries, white peaches, or cherry tomatoes.

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