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Fab Feature: A Lingerie Bridal Shower with ’50s-style Charm

Lingerie themed bridal shower from Glorious Treats

Sugar or spice? Naughty or nice? A lingerie-themed bridal shower could swing either way, depending on how you style it. That’s why we were so smitten by this sweetly sassy Linens and Lingerie Wedding Shower co-hosted by Glory of Glorious Treats, and featured on her blog that we love!

The party’s special charm? A 1950’s vibe, thanks to framed images of housewives in aprons with retro appliances alongside sexy pin-up girls in lacy undergarments. And of course, there are all the requisite shower treats like scrumptious cupcakes and cookies, delicious party fare, and lingerie gifts from the guests. You must take a look!

Check Out the Pretty Details of the Bridal Shower

Lingerie bridal shower ideas

Anyone hoping to recreate this charming party scene should take note of these simple yet clever decorating ideas:

  1. retro images of those “wonder wives” of the ’50s cooking, baking, and laundering their way through life perfectly coiffed (notice the sensible black picture frames used)
  2. saucy counterpart photos of pin-up models in teasing poses (notice the frames with the fancy photo corners!)
  3. a pink ribbon clothesline and wooden clothespins to display the frilly and fun panties each guest was asked to bring as shower presents
  4. an assortment of lovely cake and pastry stands, crystal bowls, and tiered bonbon racks to show off the fabulous corset cookies and frosted cupcakes potted flowering plants out on the patio where the shower lunch was served
  5. a beverage station presenting a variety of refreshing drinks for the summer such as lemonade.

A Tantalizing Menu of the Bridal Shower

Bridal shower menu ideas

Be sure to check out the menu they served, which consisted of items such as: chicken salad-filled croissants, spinach salad, tomato bruschetta, fresh fruit salad, and strawberries dipped in chocolate to name a few. She includes recipe links, too! How great!

Now, you can see why we found this party so appealing. It’s got a lingerie theme, yes. But the hosts gave it a charming ’50s spin with the simple addition of retro photos. Love it!

Please visit Linens and Lingerie Wedding Shower and you’ll want to check out Glory’s separate post, all about her Wedding Shower Lingerie Cookies.


  1. This is too cute! Such a fun idea for the bride & her girls! 😉

  2. Yes, isn’t it, Melissa?! We love the retro angle! So nice of you to stop by. 🙂

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