A Peacock Theme: Bridal Shower Inspiration by Flagrant Events!

A Peacock-themed Bridal Shower Party by Flagrant Events

“Birds of a feather flock together!” This was the fun theme of a party hosted by Tamekia Crook of Flagrant Events. So you can imagine how striking the color scheme was, too! That’s what immediately caught our eye about this gathering as inspiration for a bridal shower. The wonderful colors, the peacock graphics, the paper-chain “curtain” for the party table, and the gourmet menu enjoyed by the guests. Looking to throw an event with the same fabulous details? Come and see how Tamekia pulled it all together!

See the Inspiring Details

Welcome signage at tent

This gathering is actually an annual summer event for Tamekia and a close group of friends. So each year, she tries to make the party truly special. And we’re thrilled to point out the decorative touches she used to do just that! For instance, greeting each guest is a playful welcome sign announcing the party theme “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.” It also presents the visual motif that will appear throughout: an elegant peacock feather! Of course, this means a striking trio of colors aqua, purple and chartreuse, again used throughout the decorations. Ready for more?

More Inspiring Details of the Table Decor

Bridal shower with purple, green, and aqua elements

Tamekia certainly left no details unattended! Some more examples:

To define the celebration area, what could be more eye-catching than a small garden tent draped on all sides with paper chains painstakingly assembled and hung by Tamekia and her son!

As for a centerpiece, Tamekia used an arrangement of purple blooms flanked by glass jar candle holders in the same trio of aqua, purple and green. Don’t you just love the idea of round mirror trays used to display them?

On each plate, handpainted place cards bear the recurring peacock feather graphic alongside each guest’s name, while the menu card sports a fancy purple tassle.

Seating is actually provided by milk crates covered in bright green pillow cases (how resourceful is that?!), with one corner tied with a contrasting paper sash.

A Tantalizing Menu

Wondering about the gourmet party fare the ladies prepared? Well, we would have loved to see photos of the Asian grilled salmon, bacon wrapped shrimp with basil and garlic stuffing, and grilled mixed peppers and onions. Yum! But we do have the peacock design menu and Tamekia’s report that “it was very delicious!”

Doesn’t this feature get you excited to throw your own bridal shower with this eye-catching theme? Please enjoy the full post, visit Gourmet Cooking Party 2012 over at Flagrant Events.

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