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Fab Feature: A Sparkling July 4th Wedding by Rowdy Stroudy

July 4th Wedding Feature

We love how Carrie of The Rowdy Stroudy’s All That is Sweet in Life describes herself as a wife, mom, photographer, and writer. But, when we stumbled upon this sunny, charming, heartwarming 4th of July wedding party on her blog, we saw that she is definitely a party stylist, too! The celebration was actually for Carrie’s sister-in-law’s wedding which was scheduled for July 2nd. And the Americana-inspired decor pulled together by family members was just fabulous, as you can see!

We Just Love This Adorable July 4th Wedding Party

July 4th Wedding Decoration Ideas

There’s so much to love about this inviting red-white-and-blue scene for a July 4th celebration. But some of the elements that really won our hearts were:

  1. the centerpiece of pinwheels in a vase of blue-tinted sand that graced the food table (crafted by Carrie’s mother-in-law)
  2. the gorgeous potted geraniums (bought by the groom’s mother from a nearby store) that Carrie used to line the outside steps
  3. the paper fan medallions that adorned the house’s outer wall and decorated the buffet table cloth
  4. the scrumptious spread of picnic-style food that included hearty sandwiches, old-fashioned kettle chips, platters of strawberries and blueberries, wedges of watermelon, and Boston Cream Pie in place of a wedding cake
  5. the glass canning jars trimmed with red and white twine and holding delicate stems of Queen Anne’s lace and baby’s breath
  6. a gifts table covered with a quaint homespun-looking quilt (another of Carrie’s creations, it turns out!) and decorated with an old window frame as a backdrop
  7. and of course, fun sparkler favors (with tags/holders by another sister-in-law and a handpainted box by Carrie’s daughter) perfect for setting the festive July 4th mood!

How wonderful is that, having family members pitching in to make the occasion extra meaningful and memorable? Thanks to Carrie of The Rowdy Stroudy’s All That is Sweet in Life for posting all this lovely inspiration on her blog (you should read her About Me, that so beautifully proves she truly is a writer!). Now, couples can plan an equally appealing 4th of July wedding party of their own!


  1. Andressa (Twinkle Twinkle Little Party)

    I love 4th of July Parties! This is one is amazing and I was just yesterday thinking of putting together some pinwheels for 4th of July. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful party, Lissa!



  2. So glad you like this feature, Andressa! We found this wedding so heartwarming and styled with so much love, we knew right away we had to share it with you all! 🙂

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