Fall Mocktail Ideas for Wedding Signature Drinks

Fall Mocktail Ideas for Wedding Signature Drinks
Would you love to have the flavors of fall in your wedding signature drink, but minus the alcohol? Done! We’ve rounded up a marvelous selection of drinks that feature autumn-inspired ingredients, like apple, pumpkin, maple, pear, cranberry, blueberry, blackberry, honey, and cinnamon—but are actually mocktails. So everyone from grandma to the young guests at your wedding can enjoy sipping away and joining in the toasts!

10 Mocktail Recipes for Your Autumn Wedding

Delight guests with everyone’s favorite fall flavors in the form of cider, punch, a sparkling drink, even a mock mojito or cream soda. Just click on each link for the recipes. Then, make your choice!

Fall mocktail ideas from pumpkin pie cream soda to apple cider punch.

All About Apples

Autumn’s iconic fruit, apples, are a lovely way to celebrate the season in your wedding drink. No wonder they are the stars of 5 out of these 10 recipes we found.

You could go with Tangerine Apple Cider Cocktails (1) prettied up with pomegranate seeds, apple slices and cinnamon sticks; or Sparkling Spiced Apple Juice (2) made with chai simple syrup and served with spiced apple crisps.

Punch is another option you can consider with apples. Look at this selection! Non-alcoholic Apple Pie Punch (3), Sparkling Ginger Apple Punch with Muddled Cranberries (4), or Sparkling Apple Cider Punch (5). Great for serving a large guest list, too!

Pumpkin and Pear

Just like apples, pumpkins and pears are synonymous with fall! Choose a dessert-drink like Pumpkin Pie Cream Soda (6) or Sparkling Pear Punch (7) with added zing from lemon juice and bubbly ginger ale.

Sweetness of the Season

Want a drink that combines berry flavors with fall-inspired sweeteners like maple and honey? We found 2 of them: a Blueberry Maple Mojito Mocktail (8) combining blueberry juice, fresh mint, tart lime and maple syrup; and a Honey Blackberry Mint Mocktail (9) that includes fresh blackberries, muddled mint leaves, and lemon juice, sweetened with honey and made fizzy with seltzer.

Maple Milk Punch via Baby Chick Blog.

Finally, for a creamy choice, you might try Maple Milk Punch (10). It uses almond milk, maple syrup and cinnamon syrup, poured into ice-filled glasses with brown sugar and cinnamon powder on the rim.

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