Fancy Ideas For a Valentine’s Day Bridal Shower Party

Valentine's bridal shower party

Planning your bridal shower party around mid-February? The choice of a Valentine shower theme may seem pretty obvious. But it need not look obvious! After all, hearts and cupids aren’t the only way to set a sweet and romantic mood. Take your cue from our five inspiration points below, and stage a Valentine-time bridal shower that your guests will just love. Begin with an appealing color scheme and carry on the look from the party invitations, to the table settings, to the food and drinks, to the guest favors. Happy Valentine’s!

Valentine's bridal shower ideas
Hearts and cupids aren’t the only way to decorate a Valentine-time bridal shower. Romantic elements in soft pastel hues can capture the “look of love” in the invitations, table settings, guest favors consisting of porcelain footed boxes, mini rose pots, pretty flower sachets, or pink wrapped candy all the way to the party fare.

1. Color Scheme – Just because this is a bridal shower doesn’t mean it has to have a pure pink motif. For a relaxed and intimate ambiance, take this color approach:

– Have touches of pink—from the softest powder pink to the sassiest fuchsia—share the stage with shades of lilac, baby blue, and yellow.
– Balance these out with elements in cool ivory or crisp white.
– Add accents of gold and silver for a hint of elegance.

2. Shower Invitations – Set the look of your party from the outset. Send out pretty invitations that give a nod to the Valentine season with touches such as:

– lace trim along one edge of the card
– pink or lilac satin ribbon woven through the lace trim and tied in a petite bow
– envelopes and cards using mix-and-match colors from the shower’s palette
– a tiny heart-shaped hole punched in the envelope alongside the guest’s name or a series of holes along one edge of the envelope, showing the contrasting color of the card inside
– loose heart-shaped “confetti” of different colors to drop out of the envelope when the card is pulled out

3. Table Settings – Again, hearts and cupids need not figure in your table display to capture the feel of Valentine’s. But do bring in romantic place setting elements like these:

Modern Valentine's tablescape for a bridal shower

  • floral-patterned porcelain dinnerware with matching teacups and saucers
  • a silver teapot and silver cutlery
  • lace table napkins
  • pearls, paper roses, and lace tablecloth – see the tablescape

At mid-table, set out groupings of petite pots of pink or ivory roses to serve as your centerpiece. Then, pair these with antique-style urns holding pink taper candles.

4. Party Food and Drinks – Aim for tea party fare with a light and flavorful appeal. As a Valentine surprise, serve up different kinds of sandwiches cut into heart shapes with a cookie cutter. Serve tantalizing Valentine’s cocktails, too! Here’s a sample menu to give you some ideas on what to serve:

Valentine's day cocktails for a bridal shower with heart stirrers

5. Valentine’s Sweets Table – For dessert, set out a display of sweet treats like lilac and pink Macaron de Paris, tiny heart-shaped marshmallows, and pink frosted cupcakes accompanied by freshly brewed coffee and a selection of teas. Include dessert wines and a special celebration cake!

Valentine's bridal shower sweets table with dessert wines and a cake.

6. Favors for the Guests – Here, the Valentine look can be in the packaging. Prepare your favorite edible treats like M&Ms, chocolate truffles, or exotic rose-flavored chocolates, and present them in the sweetest favor containers:

Spa favors for Valentine's bridal shower

  • Think spa favors that your friends will love!
  • For Old World charm, choose porcelain footed keepsake boxes painted with roses and trimmed with gold.
  • For something sweet yet sophisticated, use flower-shaped favor sachets made of silk shantung.
  • For ease and elegance, opt for organza fabric wraps in your shower’s color motif. How to present these with flair? Pop a wrapped favor into each guest’s teacup, or line them up on a favor display table with a whimsical welcome sign setting the tone of your party.

    Chocolates in red wrapping for Valentine's day

7. Gives for the couple – look to give something practical yet budget-friendly to the couple such as cutting boards, wine glasses, coasters, and serving dishes. Get more ideas, here.

Valentine's Day Wedding Shower Gift Ideas



  1. I love these ideas! Those pink sachets are lovely. So cute!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! To extend this idea, you can even have a colorful candy buffet spread that is filled with all sorts of Valentine’s candy. I’m thinking of apothecary jars or porcelain vases teeming with chocolate truffles, marshmallows, candy hearts, pink jelly beans, and then sticks of cotton candy. It’s a true sugar high, but a definite crowd pleaser!

  3. Those flower shaped sachet bags are great! I think you also place them as part of a table centerpiece with pretty tulips. For my daughter’s wedding shower, we will be doing this idea! You guys have such cute pics!

  4. That’s a wonderful idea. Yes, mixing a centerpiece with a combination of elements such as flowers and favors is a practical way to add depth to it.

  5. Help! Do you think black and fuchsia would be okay as a color scheme for a bridal shower at Valentine’s day? I am so torn because this is for my older sister and these are here fav colors. I don’t know what to do.

  6. If chic and modern is the look you want for a bridal shower, then black and fuchsia is perfectly fine for a color palette. You can also infuse shots of pink in various shades to add a fresh take on this popular combination. I personally like to infuse some light touches of rose pink to give fuchsia a real pop of color 🙂

  7. For my wedding shower, I will be using a pink and brown color combo! The pink is for cotton candy and the brown will be for chocolate as it will be a food theme party.

  8. We’re giving out marshmallow peeps in the shape of hearts as favors!

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