Find in Focus: iPad Wedding Photo Booth

iPad wedding photo booth

To booth or not to booth? You’ve surely seen dozens of wedding photo booth ideas out there—and you’re wondering “Is this for us?” Backdrops from simple curtains to entire elaborate sets. Props from mustaches to speech bubbles to giant eyeglasses to hats and wigs. Plus of course, what camera setup to use and who will do the snapping away. All in all, a whole other set of boxes to tick off on your already mile-long wedding To Do list!

Perfect for a Modern Bride and Groom

iPad wedding photo booth

Ta-da! Technology to the rescue! We found this super-neat app over on Pink Cloud 9 that allows you to convert your iPad into an instant wedding photo booth. The link they provide to the Wedding Booth site gives a simple, straightforward description and video of how to use the app and even points you to where you may rent an iPad if you don’t own one. So check out the options on the web. A virtual photo booth may just be your answer!

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