Host a Moroccan Theme Engagement Party

Moroccan themed party ideas

Have you always been fascinated by the mystery and romance of Morocco? Then, perhaps a Moroccan themed engagement party based on this exotic place is just the right theme for you! Imagine a scene that is inspired by bustling souks, honey-colored brick kasbahs, and the stunning Sahara sand dunes set against the Mediterranean. Are you ready? Let our extensive party guide covering decorations to food transport your guests to a far-off, exotic place. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Find a Spacious Location with a Moroccan Flair

Table decorations and bright colors in fuchsia, blue, and purple
An indoor venue may be decorated to recreate the luxurious interior of a Moroccan tent.

Ideally, an outdoor location would set the perfect stage for such a celebration.

  • Look for a venue would offer ample space to set up that single, major decor element that would immediately say, “Welcome to Morocco”—a pavilion-style tent or a grouping of smaller tents.
  • If an outdoor venue is not available, or if the weather is unpredictable, a large indoor terrace or veranda with a view of a garden would work just as well.
  • Whether outdoor or indoor, the key is to transform the venue into the luxurious, sensual interior of a Moroccan tent with the right decorating touches—from rich colors to luxurious decorations and dramatic lighting to theme-inspired place settings.

Play With Colors, Luxurious Fabrics, and Sensual Textures

For color, think opulent and rich when choosing a palette for this gathering. Use these tips:

  • Bold and vivid hues such as purple, fuchsia, and orange may serve as base colors, appearing in fabrics draped around the interiors and over the tables, in pillows and ottomans, in throws and carpets.
  • Gold and jeweled tones of blue may serve as accent colors, appearing in various table details such as luminaries, charger plates, and other elements.
  • Sparkly and illuminating features with candlelight that is varied and multi-layered.

When selecting fabrics, consider the following:

  • Fabrics that are a visual as well as a tactile delight—such as lamé, organza, satin, chiffon, even embroidered fabrics—are perfect for such a display.
  • Each table, set low in the Moroccan tradition, can be swathed in a tablecloth and runner of these fabrics, and flanked by over-sized pillows wrapped in jewel-toned satin.
  • For a more authentic feel, a number of poufs or ottomans made of tooled leather may be added among the pillows.
  • Have Persian or Oriental area rugs and throws cover the floor. Their intricate patterns and rich colors typify Middle Eastern decor, while their overlapping and angled placement lends a relaxed, inviting atmosphere to the entire occasion.

Aim to Assemble Authentic Details

Shapely and decorative pieces make wonderful table accents for that authentic look.

Many times, it is the little details that truly impress. Some additional touches to consider may be:

  • Placing a Kilim carpet as a form of outdoor runner at the entrance to the tent or party venue to welcome guests with a hint of the exotic setting that awaits them. (Hint: As an alternative, a lambswool rug may be positioned at each tent’s entrance—a particularly inviting treat if guests will be asked to proceed barefoot into the tent’s interior for the party.)
  • Displaying babouche slippers and tasseled fez hats in strategic spots within the venue, as authentic touches as well as colorful decorative accents. (Hint: Should actual babouche slippers not be available, jeweled thong sandals are a lovely alternative.)
  • Filling the party with the heady fragrance of dried rosebuds, broken cinnamon sticks, ginger slices, cumin seeds, and citrus peels presented in small glass bowls; and diffusing the scents of rose, cinnamon, and sandalwood essential oils in burners around the venue.
  • Offering guests refreshing mint iced tea or warm, spicy coffee in vari-colored Moroccan tea glasses with ornate gold trimmings; and setting out condiment dishes filled with dried dates, figs, and nuts as appetizers.

What to Use as Moroccan-inspired Table Decor

Gold accents stand out in this Moroccan tablescape
Play with multiple colors and textures to achieve a Moroccan tablescape.

Worried about finding decor items? Alternatives can actually be sourced from the crafts of other cultures.

  • Think Indian brass work, English or Spanish wrought ironwork, and South American pottery have qualities akin to Moroccan decor that make them acceptable options.
  • For the truly resourceful, Middle Eastern-inspired sconces, braziers, and lanterns might be discovered at a lighting or landscaping supplies center.
  • Vessels for romantic tea lights may be as simple as paper luminaria or terracotta wine pots from a home decor store, or even mosaic or enameled plates, or coasters from a discount tourist shop.
  • Brass or gold-finished pitchers or teapots reminiscent of Aladdin’s lamp, or colored glass decanters shaped like a genie’s bottle may be unearthed at a flea market or thrift shop.

Create a Romantic Glow With Lighting Centerpieces

Amidst all these rich colors, fabrics, and textures, carefully-designed lighting casts both a subdued glow and an inviting air of mystery on the entire scene.

Candle luminaries in gold and jeweled votive holders in blue
Bright gold accents with jeweled highlights make for a truly magical look.

Lighting is key to capturing that perfect ambiance. Here are some tips to consider:

  • The general illumination in the venue is best kept dim, or concentrated in key areas for the guests’ convenience, such as the entrance and exit—and if outdoors, along the pathways leading to the tents. Arriving guests should almost feel like they are being led into a private sanctuary where delightful table-top treasures glistening in the light of lanterns and candles are a welcoming sight.
  • In place of traditional floral centerpieces, for instance, artfully arrange groupings of glass cylinder luminaries at the center of each table. The luminaries may be simple glass cylinders wrapped half in gold leaf and half in translucent parchment paper, silhouetting Arabic-inspired cutouts when the tea lights inside are lit.
  • Alongside this centerpiece composed of luminaries, tiny tea lights in bejeweled candle holders (see above photo) bring a gem-like glitter to the table setting, with the glow of each reflected by a bed of colored glass beads. The varying heights of the luminaries and votives also add dynamism to the display. Moroccan tea glasses in red, purple, yellow, and green can serve as tea light holders as well, further enhancing the colors of the table scene.

Assemble Opulent Place Settings for Guests

The place settings are another focal point for highlighting the richness and opulence of Morocco. The creative twist lies in incorporating the party favors as appealing place setting elements that guests will be thrilled to take home afterwards.

Picture frames in gold and crystal
A gold frame (left) and an orange and ruby petite crystal frame (right) double as eye-catching place setting elements.

Start with place settings that aptly reflect the event’s color palette of jewel tones accented with gold.

  • For each guest, assemble a gold charger plate set with purple rhinestones, and a fuchsia napkin rolled “Persian carpet style” and tied with a tasseled gold cord.
  • Set out a gold picture frame with Arabesque engravings and filled with glittering magenta sequins as a striking decorative piece and, as hinted by its satin ribbon, a gift for each guest as well.

Entertainment and Music for a Moroccan Theme Party

For entertainment and fun, why not consider these ideas?

  • Have a belly dancing performance starring the bride and her bridesmaids. It would definitely make a big surprise for the reception guests.
  • Play exotic sounds of Morocco featuring instrumental music inspired by African and Middle Eastern influences. Include modern Moroccan dance music, too.
  • You can also hire a live band to play for guests as you dance the night away.

Moroccan Food to Serve at the Party

Consider a catered event with Moroccan dishes served in shapely and colorful serveware ala buffet style:

  • Moroccan beef tagine that is a stew made with a blend of spices such as curry, nutmeg, and turmeric
  • Chicken kebabs with a variety of fresh vegetables
  • Include couscous, rice pilaf, and traditional bread called khobz
  • Appetizers such as maakouda (potato patties), spicy vegetable pakoras, and Moroccan spiced hummus with chips, and Moroccan beef kefta (ground beef) briouat
  • For desserts, try meskouta (orange cake), Moroccan cookies, sfenj (Moroccan doughnuts), and Moroccan ice cream in flavors like dry fruit, coffee, pistachio, orange blossom, and burnt honey.


To allow you to DIY most of the elements for this themed occasion, here is our post update as of November 2018!

Invitations for a Moroccan-themed Engagement Party

You can customize these wedding and party invitations we found to suit an engagement celebration instead, while still highlighting the exotic theme inspired by Morocco. (*this section contains affiliate links)

Moroccan engagement party invitations

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Table Decor Elements to Set a Morocco-style Mood

To capture that look and feel of Morocco on your party tables, we suggest these striking decor finds. (*this section contains affiliate links)

Moroccan party table decorations

1 – String Lanterns Moroccan Lantern – from Amazon

2 – Morocco Glass Charger Plates – from Koyal Wholesale

3 – Decorative Metal and Wood Lanterns – from Consumer Crafts

4 – Hanging Candle Holders – from Luna Bazaar

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7 – Amber Marguerite Glass Bottle (set of 3) – from Luna Bazaar

8 – Mercury Tea Glass Votive Holders – from Amazon

Engagement Dinner Favors with a Moroccan Flair

Thrill your guests with mementos of this Morocco-themed affair by giving them exotic gift items like these, presented in a fancy favor bag. (*this section contains affiliate links)

Moroccan themed party favors

1 – Casablanca Market Moroccan Morjana Glasses – from Amazon

2 – Henna Jewel Lantern – from Beau-coup

3 –Travel Candles – from Amazon

4 – Tea Forte Moroccan Mint Green Tea – from Amazon

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6 – Marikei Fleur-de-lis Porcelain Keepsake Box – from The Bellenza SHOP

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  1. Great ideas! In addition to flea markets and thrift shops, you can also find some great decorating pieces from antique shops and even at garage sales.

  2. The candle rings with pearls are really pretty! Are they attached to a base (looks like a mirrored coaster) or are they loose to slip around the candle itself?

  3. The candle ring and mirrored coaster are actually separate. To display them, you can simply place the ring around the candle coaster. It’s that easy! For your reference, here is a link the page:

    (The Wedding Bistro)

  4. Does anyone know where is the best place to find those colorful Moroccan tea glasses? I thought a place like Ikea would have them, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Any ideas?

  5. I’m also in love with this concept. For my engagement party, my fiance and I decided to have an Arabian Night’s theme that is very similar in decor to a Moroccan theme. We’re actually having belly dancers, too! It should be a hit! I’m so excited.

  6. I love this theme! We’re actually planning a very similar idea for our engagement party and we will be giving out boxes of Turkish delights as favors. They will be wrapped up in those pretty organza wraps!

  7. I really adore this party idea. You can find Moroccan tea glasses at flea markets and place like Cost Plus World Market, Pier One, and other similar stores. I also think that you can improvise by decorating the glasses with fancy bead bracelets in different jeweled tones. They’d really go pretty with those organza wraps, which can then be given out as favors when filled up with loose leaf Moroccan mint tea (use a cello bag)! This also reminds me of how you can incorporate a really nice menu serving up couscous, grilled beef or lamb skewers, and other exotic foods. For dessert, you can even have rose-flavored ice cream. Pistachio would be great, too. You can also have candied fruits and nuts 😀

    Have fun with the planning!

  8. I just wanted to share this recipe I found for Moroccan cinammon cookies. I plan to give these out as our favors. They will be wrapped in some cello and then I will be using organza wraps. Here is a recipe for them: I think these are really delicious! 🙂 Trisha

  9. frances huguet

    I really enjoy looking for pretty and unique ideas.Thanks, for all your creativity!

  10. Hello Frances! How nice of you to stop by and make such a thoughtful comment 😀

    Thank you.

    Liz 🙂

  11. I thought this was gorgeous!!! I am in love w/ the rich deep colors of the Moroccan decor. It just screams passion and you have included the vibrant purples ( my fave color) and blues colors off wedding/ reception that I was looking for.

    Thanks for the website~


  12. Hello Kee! Thanks for stopping by! We are delighted to hear from you 😀

    Best wishes!

  13. This is one of the most informative pieces i’ve read! I love your photos!

    For my upcoming party at New Year’s, we are having this theme! As favors for guests, my sister and I will be filling some tea light glasses from Ikea with gold-foil Hershey’s Kisses. The shape of the chocolates matches my color scheme of fuchsia and gold!

  14. Gorgeous! This is perfect for a summer party that I am planning for my daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday. We’re having it in a big garden patio with a pool, so creating an oasis will be lots of fun. The pool will have floating tealights!

  15. OMG!! I have been planning on having a Moroccan themed wedding. So glad I found this!! Keep the ideas coming!!

  16. hello
    i’m so excited i found your website what a treasure trove of great ideas. I would really appreciate some help, my boyfriend and I got engaged 3 days ago, we planning on getting married in january in natal, either down the coast umhalnga side or in the midlands meander. Does any one have any suggestions of venues? We are looking at a morrocan theme because we love arabic, and the colours and fabrics. Also , does any one know where we can get lanterns, and tea lights? Are there any shops in Natal that sell, Ive been living in Cape Town and I’m a bit out of touch with whats available. thanks, any help will be great.

  17. Oh I am really loving these ideas!! 🙂 I’m hoping to do a Moroccan themed party for my nieces Golden 15th birthday this year!

  18. That’s really great! We’d love to see how it went!

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