DIY Rustic French Country Wedding: Decorations for the Reception!

French country with rustic DIY touches | The Bellenza Wedding Blog

We all know and love the rustic charm of a country themed wedding. So how lovely would it be to give that well-loved theme a slightly different spin by going “French Country”! Here, we show how you can incorporate French country touches in an intimate wedding reception in a home garden setting. Plus you’ll note the delightful crafting possibilities for the DIY bride—from venue decorations to the table settings to the guest favors. Come and see the tres chic inspiration!

Backyard venue for a French Country wedding theme | The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

The reception venue can be your family backyard, a small garden or private orchard—perfectly suited to the French country theme. The small area would provide the ideal intimate ambiance for guests to relax and mingle.

French country wedding with intimate details for a home gathering | The Bellenza Wedding Blog

The overall look is rustic with a cozy, welcoming air. This is created with linen or burlap tablecloths in a neutral “latte” shade, wooden garden chairs and handcrafted decorations and quaint country-style table elements.

DIY Wedding Buntig Using Gift Wrapping Paper | The Bellenza Wedding Blog

A quick and easy way to convey a festive country air is to craft bunting out of assorted floral-print paper or fabric. Simply string it from tree to tree in the garden as overhead decor, or use it to serve as a “backdrop” nestled among some bushes.

Rustic style chalkboard seating chart for French country theme.

A chalkboard style seating chart plays up the French inspiration with the tables named for famous regions in France, or after well-known wine varieties. Then ornate gold borders add a fancy flourish.

A French baguette place setting for a rustic French country wedding reception.

For each place setting, a French baguette with a pretty fabric band makes the most delightful place card holder. While a miniature bottle of wine is placed alongside as a wedding favor, with a personalized label with the newlyweds’ names.

Vine wreaths with yellow blooms framing the plates, burlap pouches holding French-inspired treats along with candles in glass cylinders.

Other charming details for each place setting are the unique vine wreaths with yellow blooms framing the plates, burlap favor pouches holding French-inspired treats like madeleines, macarons or chocolate bonbons, along with white pillar candles in glass cylinders. Additionally, mini easels are used to hold up the menu cards.

When viewed as a whole, the table setting simulates a French country garden with floral wreaths, sprigs of lavender, bunches of grapes, and the signature touches of baguettes, rolls and croissants, and of course bottles of wine.

Guests will love the quaint atmosphere—and, if you’re a crafty couple, you’ve surely noted which décor elements you can’t wait to DIY! We’ll be sharing the how-to’s for several of them in the coming weeks. So do stop by!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Amy! A rustic theme still has its charms, doesn’t it?

  2. So many pretty ideas. i have two daughters that will be married in the next year or two so i am starting a wedding idea collection.

  3. I love all of the fun details!

  4. Mary-the boondocks blog

    This is such beautiful styling and great decor for any wedding. The country themes seem to be very popular nowadays and why not with such beautiful rustic charm as this. Thank you for all of the Sweet Inspiration.

  5. Hi Michele! Thanks so much for your kind comment. Wishing you “happy planning” for your daughters’ upcoming weddings!

  6. Thanks Sandra! We are big fans of your Sweet Sensations blog, too. So we’re thrilled that you stopped by.

  7. Hi again, Mary (The Boondocks Blog)! The rustic/country theme is definitely still popular — and this French Country twist makes it extra special, we think. So glad you liked our link-up!

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