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Unique Ways to Host a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Engagement Party

Breakfast at Tiffany's theme

An engagement party at breakfast? Certainly. If it takes inspiration from a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” theme, the refinement and glamour of the scene alone will make the early hour more than worth it. Plus, breakfast just seems more intimate and personal, especially if set in one’s home. For the theme, think of Audrey Hepburn in that classic 1961 film and her upper crust world symbolized by Tiffany & Co. along New York’s Fifth Avenue. Recreate that ambiance with party decor, food, and favors selected for their understated elegance and presented with a gracious flair—with touches of Tiffany blue and silver, of course.

Highlight the Decor With Tiffany Blue and Silver

Place setting
Bring in the Tiffany references with touches of silver and the famed shade of aquamarine.

Begin with a sophisticated color palette that evokes that world of tasteful glamor—ivory, white, silver, and the iconic shade of blue that jewelry maker Tiffany & Co. has made its own. The underlying light tones set a soft, clean, and fresh look for the entire scene. They also provide the perfect backdrop for subtle touches of other colors in the table decor. » Click to view slideshow

Play this up by setting out heart-shaped favor boxes in sleek silver, reminiscent of Tiffany accessories. For a unique collective centerpiece, add cream-colored mini flowerpots of ivory roses. Provide a lovely glow with white floral-embossed candles set on mirrored candle trays. And for final touches, tie Tiffany blue satin ribbons around each place setting and scatter clear sequins on the table for a hint of glitter. The finished look is stylishly delicate and refined—ideal for presenting the party’s breakfast fare to best advantage.

Serve a Stylish Breakfast

Menu examples
Present breakfast goodies on doily-lined porcelain plates perched on white miniature urns—a clever way to add height to the table display. Petite pots of ivory roses serve as simple enhancements to the decor.

Now to the food! On the guest tables themselves, set out scrumptious golden croissants and other “starters” on delicate porcelain plates lined with doilies. On a long buffet table alongside, present a luxurious spread of tried-and-tested breakfast favorites such as French toast, fruit waffles, muesli, Eggs Benedict, and potato galettes. Set out trays of fresh fruits and a selection of hot rolls, butter, cheeses, jams and jellies.

To serve as sweet, yet light accompaniments, offer chocolate-dipped strawberries, petit fours, mini cream puffs, and fruit tarts. And for breakfast beverages, meet every guest’s taste with choices of hot chocolate, fruit- and herb-infused teas, hot and iced coffees, and freshly-squeezed fruit drinks. Surprise them, too, with elegant flutes of Mimosas. This champagne-and-orange juice drink was featured in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” so this is a fun way to pay tribute to the film.

Say a Chic “Thank You” With Elegant Favors

Continue the feminine elegance of this theme to the very end. Delight guests with favors that are chic, tasteful, and useful—presented in luxurious fabric wrapping. This simple circle of fabric, when gathered in a graceful flounce and finished with a crystal-tipped bow, immediately ups the stylishness of these thoughtful favor ideas:

1. a pretty Limoges-style porcelain keepsake box, filled with a sweet treat such as a chocolate truffle
2. a vintage-style gold picture frame, holding a theme-inspired print or a treasured photo
3. a jeweled votive candle holder in silver and blue
4. a bunch of nostalgic candies such as saltwater taffy
5. a generous surprise of wedding confections such as Jordan almonds

When laid at each place setting, these favors can provide that pretty touch of blue to the neutral-toned table display. Or they may be presented on a special favor table for each guest to take one as the engagement party comes to an end.

An Engagement Breakfast to Remember

Guests will surely come away from this occasion delighted. They’ll be exclaiming about the sophisticated table display, the light but delicious food, and the wonderful favors. And why not? With all the careful and tasteful attention to detail, this “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-themed engagement party would do even Ms. Hepburn proud!

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  1. I am actually going to incorporate this theme for my own engagement party this coming December. I opted for a breakfast instead of a dinner for budget reasons. Since I wanted the event to have a classic feel, we are holding the party in a renovated loft. I’m also going to have the colors in Tiffany blue, but in a shade that is somewhat close to aqua (not teal), since I’m having a hard time matching this color. Thanks. Anyone else having this theme?

  2. Yes! I am having this theme for my bridal shower since I am a big Audrey Hepburn fan. The hardest part is getting the right shade of Tiffany blue. A lot of sites I’ve stumbled upon mention Robin’s egg blue as a color, but to me it looks a little darker, so I am just sticking with aqua!

  3. I’ve always been in love with this theme. Even though it is a very popular theme for a bridal shower, I think it’s even more romantic for an engagement party. For this theme, I recommend an entire candy table set up with candies in aqua and white. Perhaps even a shot of black or brown (chocolates would be great!).

    Great ideas here and luv the pics!

  4. This theme is also great a themed tea party or bridal shower brunch! Luv it. The pictures here are nice!

  5. Even though this movie came out way before I was born, I am totally nuts over this theme. For my bridal shower in December, we are having this theme and I will have a cake made into the form of a beautiful Tiffany blue gift box.

    As for activities, my bridesmaids said that it would be fun to have a contest on who can best look like Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. They will be dressing up in black dresses and pearls! And the judge? Me, of course! The prize will be an elegant sterling silver bracelet that my mom purchased from Tiffany’s! Everybody else will get a small gift bag with goodies — one of them could be those lovely aqua wraps filled with all sorts of sweets!

    This theme could not be more fun than ever.

    🙂 El.

  6. Help! I am a fan of this theme for the longest time. My bridal shower party is next spring 09′. Right now, I’m not sure whether to match Tiffany blue with red or with pink. I love these colors but can’t decide on which one to match the blue with. What would you choose? I am leaning towards pink, but that could change. Any other colors? What do you think of ivory?

  7. I think red and Tiffany blue would a great color combo! Ivory would also be nice, but I think you can incorporate this together with red. Does anyone have some ideas on invitations for this theme? I am having a bridal shower party this coming January of 2009.

  8. You can create invitations that are made to look like a Tiffany blue box or one that is patterned after it. There could be a picture of a piece of jewelry like an engagement ring on the invitation itself. A ribbon in white could then be tied around the invitation in the fashion of a Tiffany gift box.

  9. Like everybody here, I love this theme a lot! And for my bridals shower, we are actually going to be watching this movie. Then, as a game, we will holding a trivia game about the movie. The winner gets a goody bag!

  10. My sister’s wedding will be using the theme. We are decorating the wedding hall with aqua and white balloons that would line up the entry way all the way to the main dining area. I just the use of aqua and pearl white!

  11. We are getting married in Vagas and are having a morning wedding in our suite with a Breakfast at Tiffany’s reception theme,all our friends and familly are very happy with that !!! With Eggs Benedict and fresh Mimosas and all the chi-chi stuff to go along with it. It’s a sure way to make sure everyone is on their best behavior and it’s a Beautiful way to start the day ; )

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