How a Dramatic Veil Creates a Stunning Bridal Look

Dramatic veils for brides

Bask in the limelight on your wedding day with a bridal veil that adds drama to your look. We’ve got great tips for pulling this off with elegance and flair. Plus fabulous inspiration we found via some of our long-time and new-found favorite blogs. So come and see how you can make a breathtaking sight with the perfect veil choice for you!

5 Approaches to Choosing a ‘Statement Veil’

So many factors come into play when selecting your bridal accessories. Your wedding theme. The season of the year. The ceremony venue. And of course, your personal style.

1. Face value – If it’s that hint of mystery you’re after, a veil that covers the face is a wedding tradition you may choose to keep. It’s handy, too, for concealing those first jitters and happy tears as you walk down the aisle. Then, after the wedding kiss, you can toss back the face covering for your radiant smile to shine in every photo.

Speaking of faces, the veil also serves as a lovely frame for focusing attention on your most striking features—your eyes, your lips, your glowing complexion. Plus it can be incorporated into your hairstyle to keep your chosen “do” in place, or to sweep the hair up and away precisely to keep you camera-ready at every turn!

2. The long and the short of it – A veil that flows behind you into a full train—also called a cathedral veil—is certainly a dramatic choice. Especially for a formal church ceremony with a long, carpeted aisle, this will create a regal and elegant effect that you don’t often see in a modern wedding.For an outdoor or a more casual venue, you can take your pick of shorter veil styles: from shoulder-length to elbow-length to fingertip—much easier to manage if you expect a bit of breeze during the ceremony or would like to move around the reception afterwards with your veil still on. And of course, these less concealing options take your dress style and details into consideration: a flattering neckline or sexy bare shoulders, gorgeous beadwork that must be seen, or a stunning back design to show off!

3. Florals, jewels and lace – In some cases, the veil owes its impact to the accents it’s embellished with. For a bit of the bohemian bride vibe, a simple drop veil in a sheer fabric can be held in place with a crown of fresh or fabric flowers. To create the aura of a fairy princess, try a glittering tiara or a headband.

A mantilla-style veil edged with ornate lace lends an exotic Spanish señorita flair, while a lace veil gathered in a cap-like effect can lead to an Art Deco, Juliet or Kate Moss-inspired bridal look.

4. The non-veil – One trendy choice you might consider is a birdcage veil. Not quite a veil really, it’s more like a netted cap that partially covers your face. Very chic and stylish, in a 1950s kind of way! A similar option would be a blusher—actually that short section of veil that hides the face. It can stand alone, secured with a jeweled comb or a headpiece. Or it can be part of a longer veil if you’d like to retain some of that softness and romance.

5. Vintage romance or family heirloom – The beauty and value of an authentic vintage veil are certainly drama enough for any bride. But if you happen to actually have one in the family, laden with memories and sentiment, then you have something truly priceless for this occasion.

Now, feast your eyes on 7 gorgeous veil styles we found, each with a distinct character that had us instantly smitten. Which one has you saying, “That’s the perfect look for me”?

Types of veils for brides

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  1. This is such a pretty post. I like #1!

  2. Do you it is too much to have a long veil with a dress that has a very long train? I’m really in love with the veil in #1!

  3. Jennifer T. – Thanks so much! #1 does look gorgeous, and it suits a lot of dress styles too! 🙂

    Karen P. – Hi dear! If you’re going for a long train, it’s best to keep your veil at elbow length. You can still copy the style of #1, but make sure that it’s not longer than 25 inches. This will make sure that the veil ends where the fullness in your gown/skirt begins 🙂

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