How to Decorate a Vintage Travel Themed Wedding

Travel-themed Wedding Table

Imagine a charming setting graced by muted colors and soft decorative elements accented by warm candlelight and dainty lace. Look no further than a vintage travel themed wedding as your inspiration. We invite you to see our very own table decorating ideas on how to put together this romantic concept that is reminiscent of a bygone era. You will also be surprised that many of the elements are DIY-able and don’t need to cost much to evoke the right ambiance!

Tips on Decorating a Vintage Travel Themed Wedding

Vintage travel themed wedding

Choose a Palette of Soft Hues

For our table, we selected a trio of muted colors to unify the look: soft pinks and peaches, dusty blue, and classic ivory. Then, for a hint of Old World glamour, we added accents in matte or antique gold, with candles in votive glasses casting a warm glow over all. Finally, we added a dash of fuchsia just to brighten the look of the table.

Apply Soft, Floral Touches

We started with a lacy table overlay in a flowery design, plus ivory dinnerware with a graceful scroll border. Then, we made sure to include fresh flowers, without the expense of a large centerpiece arrangement. How? By placing little bunches of pink freesia in mason jars and sprigs of pink irises in vintage glass bottles. The result is pops of sweet color amidst all the soft tones of the tablescape.

Add Handmade Elements

For some personal touches, we incorporated quaint handmade elements. One is a vintage-travel packet atop each place setting. It includes the menu card mounted on layers of a handwritten letter, an old postcard, and pink and kraft paper sheets with burnt edges—all bundled together with raw twine.

The other DIY decor elements are the hot air balloon centerpieces. Simply assembled from pastel-colored balloons, pink and blue ribbon, and small baskets filled with baby’s breath, these accents bring in the vintage-travel theme in a totally doable way!

Curious about how to make those centerpieces? See the tutorial!

Capture the Vintage Ambiance

Vintage travel table props

Finally, what would this theme be without a few vintage (or at least vintage-looking) pieces? We just happened to have an antique brass telescope, a pair of old globe bookends, a miniature treasure chest, colored perfume bottles, a wooden hand mirror, and some old-style maps printed on paper napkins. So, we positioned these artfully among the other elements. And voila! We have a vintage travel-themed table with all its charms.

You could do the same. Simply borrow similar decor pieces from family and friends. Or drop by nearby antique stores and thrift shops for some delightful vintage finds!

A Suggested Shopping List!

Excited to plan this theme? Here are a few products that may be of interest to you:

  1. Around the World Travel Postcard by Cavallini – from
  2. Used Brass Telescope – from
  3. Replogle Globes Franklin Globe – from
  4. World map reproductions – from
  5. Vintage luggage – from

Inspiration Board for a Travel Theme Wedding

Ready for more inspiration? We’ve put together four elegant ideas for a vintage travel theme using a suitcase as a seating chart, a lace bridal dress, a pearl wedding cake, and an antique-looking invitation:

Vintage travel themed wedding inspiration


  1. Love your theme & all the Old World Charm. Great attention to all the detail.

  2. Ohh Ladies! Great job! I love the vintage colors in the palette and your take on hot air balloon decs! Those are much better than most balloon-centered hot air balloon decorations and I just love the different ribbon on them. bravo!

  3. Thanks for such sweet comments, Debbie! Very flattering coming from a party stylist, too!

    And hello there, HiLLjO — so thrilled that you like the colors and the hot-air balloon centerpieces. We’ve actually got a DIY post on those coming up in a few days!

  4. We are doing these for our wedding tables the problem I am having with it is getting the ribbons not to slide off the top

  5. Hi Sharon — We’re thrilled you’re using this idea for your wedding! Do share a photo or two, so we can feature them!

    About the ribbons staying in place, we recommended tiny snippets of double-sided tape at key points between the ribbon and balloon. Or those tiny glue dots available a craft stores. Don’t try a glue gun — the heat will burst the balloons for sure!

    Happy decorating. 🙂

  6. hi,

    love this! Where would you recommend getting the brown baskets from?



  7. Hi Suziee! Our stylist brought in the baskets for this shoot. But you can try looking for similar mini baskets in craft supply stores (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s) or maybe Oriental Trading or World Market.

  8. are the balloons high enough so not to be in the way of the guests sitting across from each other?

  9. Hi Grace! That’s a very good question…Although we refer to the hot air balloons as “centerpieces,” they would actually be best as a backdrop for maybe a cake/dessert display or on the guest book table. Or you can just have one per table as a “table number holder” and position it at one end, so it doesn’t get in the way! Thanks.

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