How to Set Up a Hot Dog Bar at Your Wedding: Styling Tips + Supplies

Serve hot dogs at a wedding reception // tips and ideas from Bellenza

Hotdog bars have definitely arrived! From their laid back and casual origins at backyard cookouts, sports events, and summer carnivals, they’ve now found their way into wedding receptions. Does the idea intrigue you, but you think it might be a bit of a stretch? Well, perhaps this post will convince you.

Here, we’re presenting styling tips for 6 different looks for a hotdog bar that we discovered. One of them may just bring in that element of fun and whimsy, and more than a hint of nostalgia, to your wedding reception! Plus, we offer some supplies, signage and accessories suggestions to complete your chosen bar look.

6 Looks for a Hotdog Bar: How to Pull These Off

6 Stylish and Unique Ways to Have a Hotdog Bar Reception // Curated by Bellenza

Look #1 – Elegant
Resembling most other wedding buffets and food stations, this stylish set up from One Wed pulls together both classic and casual elements:

  • A chalkboard sign clearly mentioning “gourmet” hot dogs, displayed in an elegant gold frame
  • Little glass dishes of condiments identified with mini chalkboard labels
  • Plastic picnic trays for guests to assemble their hotdogs on
  • A charming picnic basket holding sauces and garnishes
  • A lovely floral arrangement with roses to

Look #2 – Retro

If you’re going for a nostalgic feel, a retro-inspired hotdog bar is the way to go! See how Allison of Oopsey Daisy Blog pulled this off for a family dinner party using:

  • A toy table-stop hotdog stand to keep the sausages hot and adorably in-theme
  • Vintage cake stands to display “pigs in blankets” and other buffet items
  • A red and white polka dot tablecloth and food labels to match the hotdog stand’s canopy
  • Picnic-style squirt bottles to serve ketchup and mustard

Look #3 – Patriotic

Not just for the 4th of July, this patriotic motif we found at The Sits Girls goes perfectly with the All-American feel of a hotdog bar. Fun theme for a wedding rehearsal party, don’t you think? The elements that work:

  • A strikingly snappy hotdog stand sign
  • Rustic wooden decorations: 3D stars and letters (could be your couple monogram instead)  in red, white and blue, plus packing crates as display stands
  • Paper pinwheels for a playful touch
  • Vintage-style ceramic condiment jars in bright primary colors

Look #4 – Food truck-inspired

Food trucks at weddings became a popular trend in recent years. But this idea featured on Munch My Way recreates the look of a fire engine, which is pretty fitting for a hot dog stand! What caught our attention:

  • The fire engine red of the truck that really makes the display stand out
  • The chalkboard signage sticking to the black, red and white color scheme, with a hand-written look to the lettering
  • Charming touches like retro hotdog signs in the open counter window, potted plants and a packing crate used as a sign stand

Look #5 – Street cart-inspired

Surprise guests with an iconic street corner stand at your reception! You can hire a hotdog cart this like from Let’s Be Frank, a California-based catering service. Or you can try to recreate the look with these key elements:

  • A rolling kitchen island or large bar cart
  • A colorful garden umbrella
  • Fun hotdog bar signage (dozens of printables available online!)
  • Classic hotdog supplies and serve ware (see ideas below)

Look #6 – Boxed and Ready to Serve

Can’t get any easier than this! You simply order ahead from establishments like Hot Dog on a Stick and each guest grabs a box at your reception food station. Or you can set up the guest tables to resemble a picnic, decorated with these:

  • Outdoor tables covered with red-checkered tablecloths
  • Centerpieces of cheery daisies or sunflowers in bottles
  • Plastic hotdog trays or cardboard holders for guests to assemble the hotdogs
  • Picnic baskets holding jars of condiments, sauces and garnishes
  • Ice-cold fruit juices served in mason jars

Popular Hotdog Recipes to Choose From

These classics are not only iconic of specific U.S. cities, they are also loaded with condiments and garnishes. That much more fun for guests to concoct their own variations at your reception!

Note: When deciding what hotdogs to use in your chosen recipes, you’ll be happy to know that nitrite-free and vegan ones are now available.

Hotdog recipes for weddings // Curated by Bellenza

1 – New York Style Hot Dog
This classic is laden with caramelized onions and sauerkraut – Recipe from

2 – Chicago Style Hot Dog
A char-broiled hotdog in a bun, topped with mustard, relish, onions, pickles, and tomatoes (hot sport peppers are optional) – Recipe by Bobby Flay, via Food Network

3 – Hawaiian Style Hot Dog
Just look at those colors! Thanks to a topping of mango salsa, plus avocado slices and pineapple mustard, this hotdog variation definitely has a tropical air. – Recipe from A Spicy Perspective

4 – Seattle Hot Dog
This Pacific Northwest variation has the hotdog topped with cream cheese, caramelized onions and “other toppings” (in this case, jalapeño kettle chips)! – Recipe from Show Me the Yummy

5 – Chili Dogs
In a fun twist on the classic chili-smothered hotdog, the chili here is made with Dr. Pepper for a bit of sweetness! – Recipe from Plain Chicken

6 – Mexican-inspired “Taco Dogs”
Go Mexican with these hotdogs topped with guacamole and salsa, then wrapped taco-style in a flour tortilla. – Recipe from Taste and Tell

Hotdog Bar Supplies and Serveware

Since you’ll be going for the casual-yet-classic vibe with your wedding hotdog bar, be sure to have the accessories to make that happen. Here are some supplies and serveware ideas to consider.

Hotdog wedding supplies and invitations // curated by Bellenza.

1 – Chicago Hotdog Save the Date – a delightful custom product from Olive and Violet etsy shop that’s sure to set the mood

2 – Hotdog Bar Signage – a great menu poster from Lauren Haddox Design etsy shop, to present the yummy hotdog choices to guests (image via Hostess With the Mostess)

3 & 5 – Serveware – for a coordinated look, use matching condiment bowls with individual spoons or scoops, food flags or labels to identify each item, plus simple but stylish cutlery holders (images from Kristen Curette Photography, via Jennifer Laura blog)

4 – Hot dog trays style= – for an authentic look, have classic cardboard hotdog trays for guests to use (available from

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