Hungry? Midnight Snacks for Your Wedding Guests

Hot cocoa bar

If guests linger till past midnight—chatting, dancing, or drinking till the wee hours—then your wedding must be a blast! Cap the memorable event with one last round of treats before goodbyes are exchanged: midnight snacks! You may opt to have these passed around by the caterer’s staff or else set up snack stations for guests to help themselves.  Whether you choose to offer up sweet or savory treats, or either cold or hot beverages, there seems to be one constant: the handy, single-serve size of these goodies and gulps. Check out the delectable ideas we found for midnight snacks—and their equally appealing presentation!

Midnight snack foods

1 – Bags of popcorn via A Polished Plan
Tip: Who doesn’t love hot, freshly-popped popcorn? Perfect munchies for your guests to enjoy on the ride home.  You can also incorporate them as part of a cool trail mix bar![image: Jim Altieri Photography]

2 – Gourmet s’mores via Southern Weddings
Tip: These look like serious marshmallows here (home-made?). And this s’mores station also offered a selection of peanut butter, orange, peppermint, and chipotle chocolates. Yum!

3 – Treats on Trays styled by BZ Events and photography by Bonnie Berry
Tip: This trio of goodies was actually a real couple’s alternative to a traditional wedding cake: petite versions of banana pudding, pecan pie bars, and peach cobbler. But wouldn’t they make a great midnight snack idea, too?

4 – Hot chocolate bar via After Yes Weddings
Tip: A nice warm send-off for guests if the night happens to be chilly. Offering an array of ‘fixins’ like marshmallows, cocoa powder, peppermint sticks, and whipped cream doesn’t hurt either! See how you can set up a hot cocoa bar at your wedding!

5 – Matchstick fries in paper cones via Love and Lobster
Tip: The cones make handy single servings, which you can then top with fancified condiments like curry ketchup or rosemary mayonnaise.

6 – Cookies and milk via After Yes Weddings
Tip: Such a nostalgic idea! But if you’d like to jazz it up a bit, switch the milk to flavored milkshakes or your favorite ice cream.

7 – Mini sandwiches and soup via Weddings by Lilly
Tip: This grilled cheese and tomato soup combo is a huge favorite! But you could pair sandwich fillings like pastrami, chicken salad, smoked salmon, and so on with little cups of cream of mushroom, French onion soup, minestrone, and the like.


  1. Great (and mouth watering) ideas!

  2. We totally agree, Elizabeth! The idea of a cup of hot soup and a crusty sandwich sounded so yummy while we were gathering finds for this roundup. 🙂

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