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Ideas for a Thanksgiving Wedding Party! Gobble, gobble

Ideas for a Thanksgiving wedding party

Thanksgiving is the time to count one’s blessings. And few blessings are greater than starting your lives together as a couple–with all the promise and excitement ahead! So what better time is there to celebrate a wedding in this spirit of gratitude than at Thanksgiving? With those nearest and dearest to you gathered for this momentous occasion, hearts are sure to be overflowing with warmth and good cheer.

The thrill, then, lies in planning this wedding event with thoughtful, little details to make it truly meaningful and memorable.You have the sentiment of the season working for you—plus the wonder of nature in all its fall-time splendor. So consider an autumn or harvest theme as your décor inspiration, while adding tasteful eco-friendly touches that capture the beauty of the season and express your care for Mother Earth.

Choose Artfully-Autumn Colors and Decorations

Raffia decorated jars
Go both eco- and budget-friendly with these charming homemade votive holders. They’re recycled jam jars trimmed with woodsy and autumn leaf accents topped with a star anise spice!

Brown, red, and orange are the colors typically associated with a Thanksgiving wedding. But why not opt for alternative color palettes that still convey that autumn feeling? For example, experiment with: ivory and red; gold, chartreuse, and brown; or burgundy, olive, and brown. Another option is to use unexpected base colors such as yellow, blue, or purple and match them up with brown…while adding gold as a glamorous accent.

As for the table decorations, these can be inspired by that well-loved harvest look featuring pumpkins, gourds, and autumn foliage. But again, why not put a more modern spin on your table display? Glittery gold and olive candle centerpieces, for instance, would look stylish indeed laid amidst elegant ivory flowers and lush greens. Or a rustic table wreath handcrafted from twigs and straw could take center stage, embellished with dried fruits and herbs.

Then, of course, infuse romantic candlelight into the scene—but with a fittingly autumn-inspired look. Here, we created our own candle holders using old jam jars decorated with fall leaves, bits of bark, and spices. It’s so simple to make and a great recycling idea, too!

Plan Thank-Full Party Favors for Guests

Homemade, heartfelt, and healthy favor fillings are just the thing for thanking your guests at this wedding event. For take-home favors, then, consider giving:

– crunchy pistachio nuts, almonds, or candied pecans presented in miniature straw baskets
– homemade gingerbread cookies or pecan bars tucked into embroidered gift bags
– scrumptious peanut brittle, caramel popcorn, or crackers and a wedge of cheese boxed in woven heart-shaped containers
– pumpkin cupcakes topped with sugary cream cheese frosting and encased in pretty cupcake wrappers
– candy apples (or fresh ones!), bundles of sweets, or bottled honey or maple syrup wrapped in colorful organza circles

Celebrate the thankful theme of the occasion with guest favors just bursting with autumn colors—and filled (literally) with homemade goodness!

To finish each pretty package, attach personalized tags in autumn-inspired leaf shapes. And have them printed with fun greetings like “Gobble-I-DO at Thanksgiving” or a warm sentiment like “So Much to Be Thankful For…on This Our Wedding Day.”

Autumn-Appropriate Attire

With so many rich colors on the scene at a fall-time wedding, this is the perfect showcase for the loveliest bridal gown in ivory or champagne. Either of these hues would make wonderfully elegant complements to a bouquet of autumn blooms—such as soft ivory magnolias, bold crimson roses, or brilliant gold chrysanthemums. And if the autumn air turns a bit chilly? Accessorize your gown with an ivory silk shawl, delicately embroidered and beaded. As for the bridesmaids, they would look so prettily “in season” in brown spaghetti strap dresses each adorned with a sash in different fall-time colors!

A Holiday Menu and a Cake to Match!

Greeting for a Thanksgiving wedding party

Thanksgiving is all about sharing a sumptuous feast with those you love. So plan a generous and tasteful menu. You could opt for:

– a traditional all-American Thanksgiving dinner with “the works”—stuffed roast turkey with potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce, paired with fine wine and concluded with a toast of bubbly champagne
a hearty spread that includes roast lamb or prime rib, accompanied by a pumpkin soup and cranberry salad, and topped off with homemade apple pie and steaming mugs of coffee
an exotic Creole or Cajun-inspired meal, featuring fried turkey, sweet potatoes, bread pudding, and Andouille sausage gumbo
– or a menu with a variety of well-loved dishes to suit every taste.

As for your wedding cake, keep within the autumn/Thanksgiving theme as well. Consider delectable choices such as carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin cake with cinnamon icing, or butter pecan cake with buttercream icing. These rich confections would go amazingly well with after-dinner cups of brewed coffee or aromatic tea.

For something truly spectacular, wow your guests with a red velvet wedding cake. With its inner layers consisting of brilliant red sponge cake, guests will be queuing for more than one slice! You could also have a three-tier cake with each layer having a different flavor—or three or four medium-sized cakes, each frosted in a slightly different variation of the Thanksgiving theme. And for the groom’s cake, why not make it in a whimsical turkey shape? Gobble gobble!

Be Thankful…But Be Practical

Sizing Up the Guest List – Since Thanksgiving is a time when many families travel to be together, a wedding at this time becomes even more sentimental. Therefore, you may want to consider a more intimate-sized gathering with the truly special people in your lives as guests. Not only is this more practical and realistic—since traveling from out-of-state can be quite costly for some—but it also allows you to interact more meaningfully with each one there.

Choosing the Right Venue – Remember, too, that most event venues may not be open during Thanksgiving. So be sure to inquire early on and make your reservations accordingly. Or it may be that you intentionally chose this special holiday to have a small home wedding party. Either way, the venue must provide just the right atmosphere of warmth and closeness that every Thanksgiving celebration should have!

Inspiration from Pinterest for a Rustic Thanksgiving

We’ve put together the best ideas from Pinterest! To find more inspiration, check out our own Thanksgiving board.

Thanksgiving rustic wedding inspiration board
{place setting, pie carousel table, candle centerpiece, glitter pumpkin, naked wedding cake}

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t a Thanksgiving wedding a great option?

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