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Ideas to Host a Modern Easter Wedding Party

Modern Easter Wedding Party

Never thought you’d see the words edgy and Easter together, right? How can the quintessential springtime holiday be anything but sweetness and light, you ask? Oh, we totally agree. But with today’s modern take on wedding socials, why not stir things up a little in Easterland and let all the adorable bunnies and whimsical flower baskets take a rest? Then, give that sweetness and light a stylish, contemporary spin!

And did we find some fabulous inspiration for that spin in quite diverse places online! In fact, only one out of the ten ideas we offer here actually comes from an Easter-related post. But we sensed the same air of celebration and freshness in these ideas and images that this beloved holiday is all about. Enjoy!

Check out These Exciting Ideas

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  1. Paint Chip Chandelier – How lovely is the ombre effect of paint chips (yes, those super-versatile color samples again!) transformed into a gracefully hip chandelier by Oh Gorgeous. Luckily, you can DIY this following the great tutorial included.
  2. Table Centerpiece – Opt for a non-floral (gasp!) Easter arrangement made entirely of vibrant green fresh wheatgrass. This image is credited to Zakkalife but we found it in a fascinating post on Smiling Green Mom about growing your own Easter basket grass. Really!
  3. Cocktails – Impress your guests by serving tea-infused cocktails, a chic and not-too-usual beverage option for parties, like this yummy concoction pictured at JingTea.com.
  4. Croquembouche – Speaking of impressing guests, a towering macaron croquembouche would make an elegant alternative indeed to a traditional wedding cake. You can order one using Easter colors, similar to these beauties by Bobbette & Belle.
  5. Appetizers – Looking to plan an exciting menu? Then, why not add an Asian flair. Here, we have delicious Vietnamese shrimp spring rolls that make the perfect appetizers that are not only tasty, but healthy. See Joylicious for the recipe with a spicy peanut sauce to match!
  6. Turkish delight – If it’s more eye candy you want for your dessert table, consider the delectable confection known as Turkish delight. Not only does it come in delightful colors, but you can actually make it yourself using a microwave! Proof is the recipe shared by Sprinkle Bakes.
  7. Mochi ice cream – Continuing our Asian flair to the menu, give guests a taste of mochi ice cream! This special Japanese confection features an outer layer of pounded sticky rice and an ice cream filling. The site Pesca IceCream (ironically Italian!) offers this in exotic flavors and the prettiest colors! You can also look for the Mikawaya brand for mochi ice cream available at most Japanese and ethnic groceries.
  8. Party confetti – And when the wedding party comes to a close, what fun to shower the couple and everyone else with confetti. For this Easter season, though, we lucked upon this fab idea on Oh Happy Day using hollowed-out dyed eggs as confetti containers. Love them!

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