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Inspiration for a “Modern Vintage” Valentine’s Engagement Party

Modern Vintage Valentine's party ideas

Oh, the romance of having your engagement dinner right around Valentine’s Day! Chances are, though, you’re torn between going with a chic, hip ambiance or a sweet, frilly look. Well, why not combine the two in a style called “modern vintage”? That’s right! You can bring together both trendy and traditional elements in a romantic dinner setting just perfect for celebrating your upcoming nuptials with those nearest and dearest! This post is part of our Valentine’s styled shoot.

Set the Scene in a Cozy Venue

Modern Vintage Valentine's party venue

If it’s cozy and intimate you want, did you ever consider that the best venue may be right at home? Set up tables for six looking out onto a lovely garden view. Use the traditional Valentine’s red and white, but jazz it up with a black laser-cut table runner. Then, set a clever contrast of a white brocade print tablecloth and an ornately carved table number frame with ultra-modern acrylic ghost chairs. And in place of conventional place cards, have guests’ names printed on decals on each chair back.

Add the Lovely Glow of Candlelight

Candle decorations for Valentine's party

What would a Valentine’s dinner be without candlelight, right? But for this modern vintage style, the key is to take a break from the usual and incorporate unexpected, eye-catching candle treatments.

Consider, for instance, goblet-style candle stands with extra long stems—very chic! Or improvise with wine glasses, glass globes, cylinder vases, or even stemless glassware to create varied heights and unusual presentations. And for a graceful, elegant finishing touch, strands of faux pearls draped amidst the candle ware!

Make a Romantic Statement with Bold Red Blooms

Flower centerpieces in red for Valentine's

For your centerpieces, have not just one floral arrangement but flowers spilling across the tabletop. Fresh roses would of course be ideal, but very costly. So use alternatives such as red carnations, or make your own crepe paper flowers (as we did here).

To create a truly opulent look, vary the sizes of the blooms from petite to large. Present them in creative ways such as placing them inside tall glass cylinders, perched alongside candle holders, and spread out freely on the table. And if you happen to have a chandelier or hanging lanterns over the tables, tuck flowers among these, too!

Give Something Simple & Sweet for Guest Favors

Sachet favors for Valentine's

Either as a welcome gift or as a take-home favor, surprise dinner guests with something sweet. Consider petite treats like French mints, silver dragees, or mini marshmallows. And present these in fittingly elegant packaging—silk flower pouches, for instance, or rose-inspired bags for a vintage look; while for a modern spin, glass cube candy dishes or sleek silver boxes. Again, the idea is to mix and match the conventional with the contemporary.

Set Up a Festive Cake and Champagne Table!

Champagne and cake table for Valentine's

Finally, what more fitting way is there to celebrate your engagement than with a champagne toast? And since it’s Valentine’s, pink champagne would be perfect! Prepare a serving table (ours was a trendy acrylic-topped bar) to display both the champagne and glasses, plus a modern red and white cake and other sweet goodies on dainty vintage pastry stands. And for decorations, more of the red paper flowers strewn everywhere!


  1. I love looking at table scapes! The pearls hanging out of the vases is simple, but gorgeous!


  2. So glad you like our Valentine’s table, Carol! Oftentimes it’s the simple touches that really create an impact, don’t you agree?

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