Let It Snow! Easy “Icy” Decorations for a Winter Bridal Shower

Snowy bridal shower decorating ideas

The cheery holiday ditty “Let It Snow!” has inspired so many winter gatherings. Why not a bridal shower you’re hosting? The decorating possibilities are delightful, as you plan how to create an icy, frosty, glittery, and sparkly ambiance with no actual snow anywhere. We’re thrilled to be able to help with creative and resourceful ways to do just that—thanks to these 8 clever finds. The bride-to-be won’t mind being “fooled.”

How to “Let It Snow”: Clever Decorating Tips

Snow themed bridal shower ideas | The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza. #winterwonderlandbridalshower

Look closely. None of these party elements is really and truly “snowy” (okay, the cocktail does have ice in it). But we examined what gives each one that frosty look and feel, so you can do the same for your bridal shower!

1 – Now, here’s one way to have it “snowing sweets” at your party. Hang marshmallow garlands from the ceiling, as we spotted on HGTV.

2 – Snowflakes in edible form. That’s what these Crisp Sugar Doily Cookies from Martha Stewart remind us of. Adorable to give as bridal shower favors!

3 – Guess how these DIY snow lights by Brit + Co turned out so whimsical? Snowballs and snowflakes made from tulle, tissue and paper!

4 – For this sweetly simple Eggnog Cake from Sifting Focus, it’s actually the nostalgia of Christmases past that makes you feel that hint of chill in the air!

5 – It’s the tint of Blue Curacao that gives this Coconut Snowball Martini that icy appearance, plus the coconut flakes on the glass rim. Check out the recipe from The Cocktail Project.

6 – The secret behind these Snowmen Treats from BHG are the iconic coconut-covered chocolate cake balls known as Hostess Sno Balls. You can buy (or bake) something similar, and you’ve got your wintry treat!

7 – For paper products like this invitation from Sunshine Printables (etsy shop), it’s the frosty color and the winter folk art wreath that turn on the charm.

8 – Snowflakes, of course, are an instant wintry touch for handmade decorations, like this “Let It Snow” banner by Attempts at Domestication.

Other materials, ingredients and supplies you can use to simulate snow for a winter party:

  1. sugar (granulated or powdered)
  2. clear rock candy
  3. cotton balls
  4. fairy lights
  5. bunches of baby’s breath
  6. white cotton candy
  7. silver glitter
  8. whipped cream
  9. clear crystal beads
  10. white crinkle paper

Can you think of more? Share them in a comment below. And yes, “let it snow!”


  1. Such cute ideas here!

  2. Hello Sara! Thrilled that you stopped by. We are huge fans of Burnett’s Boards. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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