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Let’s Talk Cake: How to Choose the Right Wedding Cake Style!

How to choose a wedding cake | Tips, finds, and suggestions from the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

With so many beautiful wedding cakes out there, it is no wonder that finding the right wedding cake to suit one’s wedding style can quickly turn into a mind-numbing task. So, rather than show you countless cake photos, we’re just focusing today on 10 cake styles that are varied enough in order to provide you with both visual and practical inspiration without leaving you with the feeling of being all “caked” out! What are we waiting for? Let’s explore today’s finds and be sure to read our tips and suggestions for choosing the right cake style for you!

Choosing the Right Style for Your Wedding Cake!

10 Wedding Cake Styles | The Bellenza Wedding Blog

Let’s check out the styles and then learn what to consider when choosing your cake style!

Style #1: Handpainted Wedding Cake

Floral Handpainted Cake | via Brides.com

Floral Handpainted Cake – This simple white and green two-tiered wedding cake is handpainted with pretty florals and finished with a single sugar flower in pink. Via Brides.com with cake made by Curtis & Co. Cakes and photo by CJK Visuals.

Style #2: Dark Wedding Cake

A Matte Black Cake – Cake made by Pretty Please Bakeshop. Milou + Olin Photography and Creative Flow Co.

A Matte Black Cake – This unusual piece features edible gold leaf and pretty paper flowers that was featured on Napa Valley Linens with cake made by Pretty
Please Bakeshop
.  Milou + Olin Photography and Creative Flow Co.

Style #3: Metallic Wedding Cake

Metallic Wedding Cake | photographed by Tessa Barton

White Fondant Gold Wedding Cake – A simple cake with a gold metallic base and floral cake topper. Wedding cake photographed by Tessa Barton.

Style #4: Drip Cake

Drip cake from La Pêche Fraîche

Ginger Malted Vanilla and Hibiscus Cake – This elegant drip cake from  La Pêche Fraîche brings an elegant twist to a very trendy look that is still understated!

Style #5: Chalkboard Wedding Cake

Chalkboard Wedding Cake from Queen City Bakeshop.

Chalkboard Wedding Cake – Chalkboard cakes have been seen in many rustic weddings and personalizing them with a meaningful message has also become the norm as seen in this cake from Queen City Bakeshop.

Style #6: Semi-naked Wedding Cake

Semi-naked Wedding Cake | Cake by Juniper Cakery.

Semi-naked Wedding Cake with Pink and Gold Macarons – Decorated with roses, this semi-naked cake features macarons used as pretty embellishments. Cake by Juniper Cakery.

Style #7: Raw Cakes

Raw strawberry cheesecake on The Lane.

Raw strawberry cheesecake – This type of cake makes use of healthy, natural ingredients that deviate from the traditional expectation of sugary sweet wedding cakes. Such a refreshing style as seen on The Lane.

#8 Style: Marbled Wedding Cake

Marbled Wedding Cake with Geometric Accents | as seen on Alicia Keats with Cakes by Nicole.

Marbled Wedding Cake with Geometric Accents – This modern cake touts a minimalist style with a simple marble effect as seen on Alicia Keats with Cakes by Nicole.

#9 Style: Geode Wedding Cake

3-tiered White Fondant Geode Wedding Cake from Sainte G. Cake Company and photo by Corbin Gurkin.

3-tiered White Fondant Geode Wedding Cake – A very trendy look that has an inset look of geodes and crystals from Sainte G. Cake Company and photo by Corbin Gurkin.

#10 Style: Naked Wedding Cake

A Chocolate Naked Wedding Cake – Made by Miss Ingredient UK.

A Chocolate Naked Wedding Cake – Chocolate has become hugely popular! This version features a naked wedding cake decorated with bright pink peonies. The cake’s pink raspberry buttercream icing creates a wonderful contrast. Made by Miss Ingredient UK.

Your Next Steps to Finding the Right Cake Style!

Now that we’ve covered these 10 styles, here are our tips and suggestions for finding the right cake:

  1. Consider the style based on the overall wedding theme and/or style of your wedding. Moreover, how about the season of your wedding?
  2. Find a cake style that will be both meaningful and appropriate for your wedding budget.
  3. Think about the role of color in your chosen cake style. For instance, will a dark wedding cake in black be suitable or not?
  4. Picking a style that matches your personality and taste is key. Do you want a dramatic, understated, or hip and modern style?
  5. Personalizing the cake has become a trendy option through messages that are written on a cake. Consider how this can be incorporated into the style of your cake through various cake decorating techniques such as gilded letters, handpainted messages, and 3-D appliqué lettering.

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